Diet for FSGS Patients with Kidney Function 30%

Diet for FSGS Patients with Kidney Function 30%Doctor: Hello. Welcome to consult us. What can I help you?

Patient: I have FSGS. My kidney function is about 30%. I need help. I have not been on any diet. Can you give me some advice?

D: Yes. Diet is one part for you to keep fit, like controlling the low-quantity protein food. If you have swelling, to control the water and salt intake. What on earth you can take depends heavily on your medical condition. Can you tell me more information on your condition?

P: Yes.

D: What symptoms do you have now?

P: Overall I feel good, but that is not what lab work shows. I have high blood pressure.

D: Yes. What is your blood pressure now?

P: It is under control now. It ranges. 130/80 is about the normal for me. But I am on blood pressure medicines.

D: Ok, how about proteinuria?

P: I have a lot of protein in the urine?

D: What treatment are you taking?

P: I am on prednisone, cyclophosimite, avapro, lasix, renogel, not spelled correctly I guess.

D: So the protein in urine is still uncontrolled?

P: It is lower than before, but it is still high.

D: These medicine can help you lower proteinuria temporarily, but not permanently. It is easy to recur after you catch a cold or infection. We need to repair the damaged kidney cells, regulate the abnormal immune system and increase your immunity. Only in this way can you reduce the relapse of disease.

P: How can I do that?

D: You can try systemic Chinese medicine treatment. In our hospital, almost all kidney patients can turn their proteinuria negative. The specific treatment includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture, oral Chinese medicine, etc. After about half month’s treatment, you will see the treatment effect. But you have to keep on treatment for a period of time to reinforce the effect. If you can send your lab report to, I can help you analyze it and then give you a personalized guidance on treatment.

P: That sounds good. I will send you immediately.

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