Best Diet for FSGS Patients with Poor Kidney Function

Best Diet for FSGS Patients with Poor Kidney Function“I want to know the best diet for FSGS patients with poor kidney function.” Recently an FSGS patient visited our website and consulted our online doctor such a question.

When you are healthy, you can eat whatever you like, because your kidneys can filter those waste products from your body. But with poor kidney function, your kidneys can not work well to filter waste products from body. In such a case, you should pay attention to your diet in case that it puts extra stress on your kidneys to worsen your FSGS. Different FSGS patients have different medical conditions, so we can not give you specific diet plan. But we can give you some general suggestions on diet.

-To follow a low protein diet

With FSGS, most patients have massive proteinuria. It seems that FSGS patients should consume a lot of protein to supplement the lost one. But in fact, the more protein you consume, the more protein it will spill. Therefore, to protect your kidneys from being scarred, you should restrict protein intake. How much protein you can take depends on how much kidney function you have.

-To follow a low salt diet

Too salt intake will make you thirsty so as to increase your water intake, which can worsen your swelling. Besides, salt intake can also elevate your blood pressure. High blood pressure will cause further damage to your kidneys as well. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure and swelling, you had better limit salt intake.

In addition, you should pay attention to the intake of vitamins. For kidney patients, they are often vitamin deficiency. You can supplement them with more vegetables and fruits intake. But if you have high blood potassium level, you should keep those food high in potassium such as banana, kiwi fruit, etc.

There is not a best diet for FSGS patients with poor kidney function. You should continuously adjust your diet plan according to your medical condition. And to achieve a good effect, you should combine diet with proper treatment. For more information on FSGS treatment, please contact leave a message below or send emails to We will help you analyze your case and then give you suggestions on treatment.

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