What Can Be Done to Reduce Blood Pressure Due to FSGS

What Can Be Done to Reduce Blood Pressure Due to FSGS
High blood pressure is a common symptom of kidney disease and also a factor that affects prognosis. What can be done to reduce blood pressure due to FSGS? Read on to learn more information.

-A combination of antihypertensive drugs

(1) If your blood pressure is less than 160/100, you can use one kind of medicine to lower blood pressure. But after 2-4 weeks’ treatment, your blood pressure can still not be controlled, you should take combination of antihypertensive drugs into consideration.

(2) When blood pressure is higher than 160/100 mmHg, your initial treatment should be combination of over 2 antihypertensive drugs.

The commonly used antihypertensive drugs include ACEI, ARBs, calcium channel blockers, beta receptor blockers, diuretics, etc. ACEI and ARBs do not only reduce blood pressure, but also decrease proteinuria and protect kidney function. Therefore, they are preferred. However, if you are in renal insufficiency stage, you had better choose other kinds of medicine, because ACEI and ARBs can elevate creatinine level.

-Healthy lifestyle

(1)A low salt diet is helpful for you to control blood pressure. It is good for you to relieve swelling.

(2)Doing exercises regularly is helpful, but avoid strenuous exercises. Here gentle exercises such as walking, jogging, tai chi, yoga and so on are recommended.

-Toxin-Removing Treatment

Kidney is not only a detoxification organ, but also an organ to regulate blood pressure. When kidney function gets improved, blood pressure will be well controlled. Toxin-Removing Treatment is a systemic treatment, which can cleanse the blood thoroughly, improve blood flow, provide essential elements, and adjust abnormal immune system so as to make internal environment good enough for kidney self-healing. After about one week’s treatment, swelling will fade away. After about half month’s treatment, high blood pressure will decrease and be stabilized. Proteinuria will decrease or even turn negative. After about one month’s treatment, FSGS will be under control, and renal function will get promoted.

What can be done to reduce blood pressure due to FSGS? Now you are clear. If you can not find out such an effective treatment in the local, welcome to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are glad to help. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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