How Long for Steroid to Cure Proteinuria for FSGS Patients

How Long for Steroid to Cure Proteinuria for FSGS PatientsWhen you have massive proteinuria, steroids are often used to inhibit kidney inflammation and stop the leakage of protein. How long for steroid to cure proteinuria for FSGS patients? Go on reading to learn more information.

In general, 3-4 months’ treatment can help you get complete remission. But you can not stop the use of steroids suddenly, because it may trigger the relapse of proteinuria. In the following treatment, you should taper its intake slowly, which may take a long time. But not patients are sensitive to such a kind of medicine. After 8 weeks’ treatment, if there is not any improvement or it even gets worsening, you should quickly reduce its intake and change some other treatment.

Alternatives to steroid for FSGS patients

When there are a lot of waste products in the blood, they do not only counteract the effect of medicines you use, but also go into kidney cells to slow down their recovery. That is why even though you seek treatment aggressively, you can not achieve a good effect.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we usually use Toxin-Removing Treatment for FSGS. This kind of treatment can help clear waste products from the blood and draw toxins out of the renal cells. It can also dilate blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys. And then oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients can arrive at nidus successfully to take effect and help them heal quickly. After about half month’s treatment, your proteinuria will decrease. After about one month’s treatment, your FSGS will stabilize. To completely stop proteinuria, it may take months’ treatment. But it won’t relapse easily with Toxin-Removing Treatment, because it has repaired kidney damage and make your whole body harmonious and balanced.

How long for steroids to cure proteinuria for FSGS patients? It depends on how sensitive you are to steroids. If you are steroid-resistant or steroid-dependent, you can try Toxin-Removing Treatment. But it requires you come to China for treatment. Can you do it? For more information on FSGS treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to Later our nephrologist on duty will contact you to give you personalized guidance on treatment.

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