What Makes Creatinine Levels Go up for FSGS Patients

What Makes Creatinine Levels Go up for FSGS PatientsAre your creatinine level high? Do you want to bring it down? If yes, you should know what makes creatinine levels go up first. Only in this way can you treat kidney disease from the root. In this article, let’s have a look at what makes creatinine levels go up for FSGS patients.

For FSGS patients, raised creatinine level is associated with the deposition of immune complexes.

When you undergo immunofluorescence examination, you will find that there are massive immune complexes deposition on the scarred glomeruli. Those immune complexes cause kidney inflammation first, which over time lead to glomerulosclerosis and impaired kidney function. Because the kidneys have immense compensatory ability. When they are slightly damaged, they can still work well to remove creatinine out of the body. Therefore, in the early stage of FSGS, your creatinine level does not increase. Only when your kidneys are damaged more than 50%, your creatinine level goes up quickly.

In addition, with impaired kidney function, doing a lot of exercises and eating meats can increase the production of creatinine so as to elevate your creatinine level further.

How to make creatinine levels go down for FSGS patients?

You should have a cleanse of the blood. If your creatinine level is not that high, you can try Chinese medicine. Some Chinese medicine such as medicated foot bath, medicated full bath, enema therapy, steam therapy and circle therapy can make use of your skin and intestinal tract to remove those toxins and waste products out of the body to bring your creatinine level down. After about half month’s treatment, your creatinine level will decrease at least 10%. But that should not be our ultimate goal. We should repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Only in this way can creatinine level be controlled well. Do you want to know how to achieve this goal? Send a scanned copy of your medical test report to igacure@gmail.com. We will help you analyze it and then reply you.

What makes creatinine levels go up for FSGS patients? Now you have a clear mind. If you want to lower your creatinine level, you should start treatment from clearing immune complexes. For more information on FSGS treatment, please contact online doctor or leave a message below. We can give you some personalized guidance on treatment according to your case.

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