Treatment for FSGS Kidney Disease

Treatment for FSGS Kidney DiseaseMany more young people are suffering from FSGS, children alike. Their family members are very concerned for the correct and safe treatment for their beloved ones. Before you choose the right treatment, I think you first should know what is the FSGS? And also what is the root of disease for treating the FSGS kidney disease. If you happen to be a patient with FSGS, what kind of treatment do you want to receive? A safe one or a temporary expedient, it is your choice.

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) kidney disease is a common cause of kidney failure, especially affecting both children and adults. It is a typical kidney disease it is one major of the nephrotic syndrome . FSGS is marked in its early stages by proteinuria and can be found in both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatments for FSGS should focus on the causes of the disease. In another words which is the root of the disease.

It is true that FSGS affects kidney function by attacking the glomeruli, the tiny units within the kidney where blood is filtered. There are approximately 1 million glomeruli in each kidney. Each glomerulus includes blood vessels with specially modified walls which serve as the filter. Podocytes are the cells in the vessel wall that regulate which elements of the blood pass through the filter membrane into the urine. When the kidneys are healthy, protein remains in the blood while wastes and salts pass through the membrane. When large amount of protein exist on the surface of the podocytes, disruption causes protein from the blood to pass through the membrane into the urine. The kidneys become scarred and an FSGS-like disease develops in the mouse.

For the description mentioned above, we learn that repairing the kidney damage and recovering the kidney function is the fundamental step to treat FSGS patients. For the sake of your healthy kidneys, and your better life, here I recommended strongly a safe and effective way for you, that is Chinese Medicine Treatment. If you are afraid of the dialysis and the western medicine due to their relapse and great pain on their physical and psychological health, you can bravely have a try to our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a natural way to treatment kidney disease, as it is an external application based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine. For the details about the therapy and want to know whether if you are suitable for the therapy, you can leave a message below or you can email us to

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