The Life Expectancy Of FSGS Without Dialysis

The Life Expectancy Of FSGS Without DialysisDo you know the life expectancy of FSGS without dialysis? Not only you, many FSGS patients themselves and their relatives are wondering the life expectancy of FSGS without dialysis though there is no certain answer to this question.

Basically, the kidneys are made up of millions of cells called glomeruli, which plays an important role in filtering the blood and expelling toxins out of the body. However, once glomerular epithelial cells are damaged, as a result, they stop filtering the blood and then cause lots of wastes and toxins build up in the body, thus lead to FSGS. FSGS is one of the causes of nephropathy syndrome and generally speaking, it is detected among teenagers and children. In addition, we have to say that FSGS is not easy to treat, for its respond to all kinds of treatments commonly used in clinic is not that good. In view of this, when people are diagnosed with FSGS, they are so scared and worry about their life time constantly. Therefore, they want to prolong the life expectancy by dialysis. Though dialysis is beneficial for extending their life span temporarily, but it is not a long term treatment due to various complications and side effects caused by it. In view of this, many FSGS patients try to find other therapies which are good for prolonging the life expectancy but without dialysis.

Here, we would like to introduce another therapy to FSGS patients, we call it Immunotherapy. The reason why we suggest it is because immunotherapy can treat FSGS to a large extent, even though the answer to the life expectancy of FSGS without dialysis still can not be sure. Leave us a message, if you would like to know more about immunotherapy. You can also chat with our online doctors if you are in hurry, you will get replied in a short time.

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