How To Stop FSGS Develop Into Kidney Failure

FSGS is a common reason to cause a large number of proteins in urine and most patients will develop into kidney failure quickly. To be honest, FSGS is difficult to treat and once you left it uncontrolled, most of patients may develop into kidney failure in several years, which may threaten their life seriously. So the problem how to stop FSGS develop into kidney failure becomes more and more urgent to not only FSGS patients themselves, but also their family members. In fact, only when the causes of FSGS are eliminated, all the problems will be solved successfully.

What causes FSGS?

As we all known that FSGS is an auto-immune disease in which the filtering units, called glomeruli are scarred. Besides, FSGS can be idiopathic or be secondary to other diseases. That is to say, we have to fight off the antibodies and white blood cells which cause some damages to our own bodies by mistake. As more and more glomerulus are damaged, finally, kidney failure occurs.

How to stop FSGS develop into kidney failure?

After we have known the reasons caused FSGS, then how to stop it develop into kidney failure is very important. Diet is needless to say, because everyone may know a proper and healthy diet plays an helpful role in slowing FSGS develop into kidney failure. In addition to an incorrect diet, proteinuria is also a dangerous factor in worsening kidney function. Actually, steroid therapy has marked benefits in controlling proteinuria, especially there is heavy protein loss in urine. However, when steroid therapy fails, more powerful therapy that affects immune system may be effective.

Immunotherapy is the newest therapy to help stop FSGS develop into kidney failure and above all, it is able to treat FSGS from the root. This therapy has six steps and each step has its certain purpose. Do you want to know more about this magic therapy, hurry to contact us. We will introduce more details to you.

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