The Newest Treatment For FSGS-Immunotherapy

The Newest Treatment For FSGS-ImmunotherapyIf you or your lovers are a FSFS patient and don’t satisfied with the current treatment, we suggest you reading this passage carefully.

Normally, most patients with FSGS will spend 5-20 years to develop into kidney ( renal ) failure. What is worse, for patients with serious condition but left it uncontrolled, this period will shorten to 2-3 years. In most cases, patients may choose steroids or immunosuppressive medicines to eliminate the proteinuria, and improve the kidney function in a certain degree in clinic. However, only the few have good response to these medicines and the rest don’t get the therapeutic effect after taking these medicines, even in turn aggravate the illness condition.

Here, we want to tell you don’t worry and be afraid, you must remember here are still many doctors are fighting against the disease together with you all over the world. A nice thing about treatment for FSGS is that after analysis and experiments time and time again, the newest treatment for FSGS-Immunotherapy is proved to be the most effective and thorough.

Well, how does it work? Generally speaking, Immunotherapy has six steps and the detailed process as below:

1. Immune diagnosis: as the first step of Immunotherapy, it provides the basic security of the following steps to go well. With the help of the most advanced equipments to do the special tests, like lymphocyte subsets, toxins in urine, etc and the overall diagnosis, we can offer proper treatment schedule.

2. Immune clearance

3. Immune blocking

4. Immune tolerance

5. Immune adjustment

6. Immune protection: so far, through the above steps, the immune reaction has been blocked and all the immune complexes have been discharged from patient’s body successfully. But we still need to adjust immune system by using some effective Chinese herb medicines.

In the treatment process, if Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used together with Immunotherapy, the efficacy will be the best. If you are a patient and interested in this therapy, we are glad to help you.

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