A Natural Way To Reduce High Creatinine Level In FSGS

A Natural Way To Reduce High Creatinine Level In FSGSNearly all patients with kidney disease especially ESRD are familiar with creatine because high creatinine level is an alarm of kidney ( renal ) failure. To prevent renal failure, people with FSGS ( Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis ) also wonder how to reduce high creatinine level in FSGS.

What causes high creatinine level in FSGS?

Normally, with the help of blood circulation, kidney works properly to discharge excessive liquids and wastes out of the body, causing creatinine level to be within a stable range. However, unfortunately, for FSGS patients, due to damaged kidney and declined kidney function, creatinine and other toxins build up in the blood, then high creatinine level and other abnormal indexes appear. What is more, creatinine level does not increase until 50% kidney function lost. Therefore, find a timely and natural way to reduce high creatinine level in FSGS is necessary.

1. Keep a healthy diet

Creatinine is a metabolic production of muscle and meat is an important source of creatinine, so restrict the meat intake is vital. Besides, cranberry juice can prevent urinary tract infections and protect kidney effectively, so it is able to decline creatinine level to some extent. In addition, there are still many points patients should be noticed in their daily diet. If you would like to know, please chat with our online doctors for free help.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is highly recommended to FSGS patients, because its purpose is to recover kidney function. As long as kidney function returns to normal, can high creatinine level be reduced gradually. This therapy is based on the Chinese herbal medicines which come from the nature, so FSGS patients don’t need to worry about any side effects. In the process of treatment, patients only need to lie in the bed and put two bags filled with micronized Chinese herbs under the lower back. Then with the help of blood circulation and osmosis instrument, active materials will directly arrive at the kidney. Through the above processes, high creatinine level in FSGS can be reduced naturally.

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