Symptom And Treatment Of FSGS In Children

Symptom And Treatment Of FSGS In ChildrenActually, patients whose child is suffering from FSGS are more anxious than children themselves. Recently, a sweet elder woman consults us what is the symptom and treatment of FSGS in children in order to take care of her child well. We believe that there must be a lot of people have similar doubt just like her. Don’t worry, please read on carefully and try to find the answer.

Firstly, let’s learn some details about FSGS together.

FSGS is the abbreviation of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis which is a common acquired cause of end-stage kidney disease in children. This disease accounts for 10% of childhood and 15%-20% of adult primary Nephrotic Syndrome with an overall peak incidence at age 6 years. About 1/3 of children diagnosed with FSGS are prone to progress to ESRD within 5-10 years. Therefore, detect the symptoms earlier drives patients to take timely and effective treatment for children. The common symptoms of FSGS in children as follow:

1. Heavy loss protein in urine. You can check it out by urine test in professional kidney disease hospital.

2. High blood pressure

3. Edema ( swelling) - it usually appears in face, feet, legs, eyelid and abdomen at the beginning and then spreads to the whole body of children.

4. High cholesterol level

Treatment of FSGS in children

Generally speaking, steroid medicine is firstly used to treat child with FSGS. However, the final effect is not very ideal because most children don’t respond to steroids well. In this situation, patients should look for a natural treatment as soon as possible. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended to them. We will choose different herbs to match the different illness condition of children with FSGS.

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