How to Take Care of IgA Nephropathy Patients

How to Take Care of IgA Nephropathy PatientsHow to take care of IgA Nephropathy patients? If anyone in your family has such a disorder, you are interested in getting the answer. Right?

-You should take care of their diet.

Because of the weak kidneys, they can not eat whatever they take in case that it causes further damage to their kidneys. Generally speaking, they should limit salt intake. According to the degree of kidney damage, protein restriction should be followed as well.

-You should remind them of medication intake.

When the patients feel well, they should not stop the medications or taper their intake, because those behaviors can easily lead to the relapse of disease. Frequent relapse can cause further damage to kidneys.

-You should help them set up a healthy lifestyle.

Do not smoking, drinking alcohol or staying up. Do not overwork. Do not make themselves too tired. All of them are not good for their recovery. As a family member, when you see they do any of them, you should remind of them. Besides, you can accompany them to do some gentle excises, such as walking and jogging to strengthen their physical condition.

-You should help them find a more effective treatment.

If his current treatment is not effective enough for them to control the disease, you should help them find one. Here we recommend Chinese medicine, which does not have so many side effects as western medicine. A systemic Chinese medicine can even help patients repair kidney damage and promote kidney function as well as regulate the abnormal immune system to reduce its relapse. After a short period of treatment, associated symptoms will get relieved. After a long period of treatment, kidney function will improve.

How to take care of IgA Nephropathy patients? Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on IgA Nephropathy, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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