Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy Stage 5 Eat Chilies

Can Patients with IgA Nephropathy Stage 5 Eat ChiliesWe all know that kidney patients should follow a low salt diet, which makes your food tasteless and you lose appetite, thereby many patients add spices into food to make it delicious. Chilies are very common to see in life. Can patients with IgA Nephropathy stage 5 eat chilies?

Kidney patients can not eat chilies.

Though eating chilies have many benefits for health, but for kidney patients, you had better avoid its intake. Because capsicin in chilies is usually excreted from body by kidneys, which can impair renal parenchyma cells. In severe case, it can impair kidney function, leading to further kidney damage. In stage 5, your kidneys have been severely damaged. If you do not protect the residual kidney function well, you will lose your urine, and then your living quality will be lowered greatly, because you have to limit water intake. Can you imagine that you are very thirsty but you can not drink water?

What can patients with IgA Nephropathy stage 5 eat?

If you do not start dialysis, you should limit protein intake and salt intake. If you start it, you should only limit salt intake. As to other foods, you can eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

How to live a good life with stage 5 IgA Nephropathy?

Since you can not eat whatever you like and do whatever you like doing, you living quality will be affected greatly. Here we suggest a treatment to help you stay away from dialysis and live a high quality life. It is Toxin-Removing Treatment. It is consisted of many kinds of Chinese medicine therapies, such as hot compress therapy, navel therapy, Mai Kang Mixture, foot bath, etc. They can set up a good blood environment for the damaged kidneys to heal themselves so as to promote your kidney function.

Can patients with IgA Nephropathy stage 5 eat chilies? No, they can not. If you want to protect your kidneys from being damaged further or get rid of dialysis, please feel free to contact our online doctor or leave a message below. Our renal experts will help you analyze your case and then give you suggestions on treatment.

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