Does Taking Amino Acid Supplements Help with IgA Nephropathy

Does Taking Amino Acid Supplements Help with IgA NephropathySimply speaking, amino acids are the building blocks of life, so to maintain your life, it is necessary for you to supplement amino acids. But does taking amino acid supplements help with IgA Nephropathy? In this article, let’s have a discussion.

If you follow a low protein diet, you can take amino acid supplements.

If you have proteinuria or impaired kidney function, low protein diet is usually recommended. In such a case, it is likely for you to suffer from amino acid deficiency in body. Therefore, to take amino acid supplements is helpful for you to maintain the normal function of body. But you should pay attention to the amounts, too many amino acids intake can put extra stress on kidneys to add insult to injury, and it can also worsen your proteinuria and speed up glomerulosclerosis.

What else helps with IgA Nephropathy?

If you are looking for a natural treatment, you can try Immunotherapy. It can clear the cycling immune complexes away from the blood and kidneys to reduce kidney inflammation. It can also set up a good blood environment for the damaged kidneys to heal themselves. Besides, it can regulate the abnormal immune system and strengthen immunity to help fight against the disease and reduce the relapse of disease. After about half month’s treatment, symptoms such as swelling, high blood pressure, anemia, proteinuria and so on will get great relieved. After about one month’s treatment, your kidney function will increase gradually. And then you can lead a normal life.

Does taking amino acid supplements help with IgA Nephropathy? You had better not take amino acid supplements without the instruction of doctor in case that they cause further damage to your kidneys. If you really want to have a good control of IgA Nephropathy, you can try our Immunotherapy, which can help you repair kidney damage and promote kidney function. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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