What to Consume When You Have IgA Nephropathy

What to Consume When You Have IgA Nephropathy?

Many IgA Nephropathy patients concern that improper diet can put extra stress on kidneys so as to worsen their current condition. In different stages of disease, there are different diet requirements. In this article, let’s have a discussion on what to consume when you have IgA Nephropathy.

If you are in stage 1 of IgA Nephropathy,

The kidneys are slightly damaged, and you may have back pain, slight swelling, blood urine, urine protein or some other symptoms. In such a stage, you can supplement moderate iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other trace elements via milk, carrots, etc. And fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended, such as cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, wax gourd, etc. Besides, low salt diet is preferred. It is advisable to eat salt 2-3g per day.

If you are in stage 2 of IgA Nephropathy,

You may have continuous microscopic hematuria, slight proteinuria, etc. To relieve hematuria, you can eat apple, black sesame, fungus, etc. You can also take luffa drink, couch grass root porridge, shepherd’s purse porridge, etc.

If you are in stage 3 of IgA Nephropathy,

FSGS may occur. And you may have elevated blood pressure. In such a stage, you can take some foods to help you prevent high blood pressure, such as dark green leafy vegetables, kelp, fungus, etc. And you should stay away from sugar, salt and fat. Besides, green tea and yogurt are recommended. And it is necessary for you to control caloric intake.

If you are in stage 4 of Iga Nephropathy,

You may have massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, microscopic hematuria and severe back pain. In such a stage, low quantity but high quality protein intake is advised, such as egg white, lean meat, milk, etc. If your kidney function is severely damaged, protein intake should be limited into 0.6-0.8 g/kg per day.

If you are in stage 5 of IgA Nephropathy,

Your kidneys have been severely damaged. To reduce the workload of kidneys, protein intake should be controlled to 20g per day. If necessary, essential amino acids should be supplemented by oral medicine or intravenous infections. If your urine output becomes less than 1000ml, low potassium food such as pumpkin and lotus root starch is recommended. If you are not diabetics, you can supplement sugar and fat moderately.

What to consume when you have IgA Nephropathy? The above information is just for reference, after all different kidney patients have different medical condition. And you should adjust your diet according to the changes of your medical condition. Now you can send a scanned copy of your medical test report to igacure@gmail.com or leave a message below. After analyzing your case, we will give you some suggestions on diet and treatment.

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