Is Headache A Symptom Of IgA Nephropathy

Is Headache A Symptom Of IgA Nephropathy, IgA NephropathyIn our daily life, headache can be caused by many various reasons, such as cold, lack of sleep, overwork, diseases and so on. For IgA Nephropathy patients, sometime, some people will suffer from headache but others don’t have. From seeing this, many patients want to ask is headache a symptom of IgA nephropathy? Or in other words, can IgA nephropathy cause headache? Don’t worry, both the two problems can be solved just as the following introductions.

Is headache a symptom of IgA nephropathy?

To the question, the answer must be yes, but it is very rare. Well then, what causes this rare symptom of IgA nephropathy? The reason can be divided into three conditions.

1. High blood pressure

Kidneys can stimulate the production of renin which plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Once kidneys can not work well, its ability to balance blood pressure will be declined. Consistent high blood pressure may be a trigger for headache.

2. Accumulation of wastes

In addition to headache, fatigue, back pain, high creatinine level, etc also will appear due to this reason.

3. Renal anemia

After knowing the reasons, now, the most important thing must be to alleviate or eliminate headache effectively. Actually, the reason that cause headache of IgA nephropathy should be damaged kidney and declined kidney function. Here, we want to introduce a treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can achieve this goal successfully. In the treatment, patients only need to lie in bed and put two bags filled with processed medicines under the lower back. Then with the help of osmosis instrument and patients’ own blood circulation, the active ingredients will enter into the kidneys directly through skin. By the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, expand blood vessels and degradation, kidney function and immunity can be improved greatly. As long as IgA nephropathy can be treated thoroughly, all the symptoms including headache will disappear soon.

Of course, it is not the only treatment for headache of IgA nephropathy. If you have interest to learn more natural treatments, please contact us freely. We are glad to help everyone in troubles.

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