Do You Get Increased Headaches with the Lower the Kidney Function in IgA Nephropathy

Question: Hi, I am an IgA Nephropathy patient. Just wondering if with the lower the kidney function, do you get increased headaches? My blood pressure is finally in check, so I know it is not that. Thanks in advance.

Do You Get Increased Headaches with the Lower the Kidney Function in IgA NephropathyAnswer: Headache is a common complaint of IgA Nephropathy patients. With its progression, it may occur frequently. And the lower the kidney function, the more increased headache you have. Besides high blood pressure, there are many other factors in IgA Nephropathy that can cause headache. Now let’s see some of them.


Anemia is a common complication of kidney disease. When your kidneys fail to work adequately, they can not stimulate bone marrows to make red blood cells. As a result, anemia occurs. And the accumulated waste products can make anemia worse. When there are not enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to your brain, it is likely for you to have headache. Besides, you may have pale skin, cold limbs, shortness of breath, etc.

-Side effects of medicine

To control IgA Nephropathy, you may take a lot of medicines, such as steroids, immunosuppressants, ACEI, ARBs, etc. They all have side effects, one of which is headache.

In addition, headache may be associated with other factors, such as flu, cold, fever, etc. If you have increased headaches, you should talk with your doctor and then take corresponding measures. If it is caused by low kidney function, you should not only improve anemia or change the medications you take, but also repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Immunotherapy is commonly used in IgA Nephropathy treatment. This therapy is a combination of western medicine and Chinese medicine. It can clear the cycling IgA immune complexes away from the blood. It can also block abnormal immune reaction to reduce the production of IgA immune complexes. Besides, it can increase the kidneys’ tolerance to immune complexes so that even if there are immune complexes in the kidneys, they do not trigger renal inflammation. And it can strengthen your immunity to fight against disease. After a period of treatment, there will be a great improvement on your whole body. And headache will relieve as well.

It is likely for you to have increased headaches with the lower the kidney function in IgA Nephropathy. If you do not want to be troubled by IgA Nephropathy, take action on. Leave a message below or send emails to Our nephrologist will contact you later.

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