Chinese Herbs For IgA Nephropathy

Chinese Herbs For IgA NephropathyAt present, Chinese herbs for IgA nephropathy is very popular all over the world, as it usually causes no side effect as well as further problems. For those IgA nephropathy patients who are looking for Chinese herbs, this passage may help you greatly.

Firstly, let’s learn about what is IgA nephropathy and what causes it.

IgA nephropathy easily happens in people with young age and in view of this, children and teenagers are more likely to be affected. IgA nephropathy is a glomerular disease in which some glomeruli are affected partially. In IgA nephropathy, due to large amounts of IgA deposition settle in mesangial area, severe inflammation occurs which may causes various influences on surrounding tissues. Moreover, IgA nephropathy is an auto-immune disease. If our immunity is poor, it is very likely to cause immune disorder after getting a fever or infection. The immune disorder will cause over reaction of immune system. In IgA nephropathy patients, the immune complexes will stay in blood circulation and deposit on other organs. This is also a main cause of IgA nephropathy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for IgA nephropathy

As for a herbal treatment for IgA nephropathy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended highly to IgA nephropathy patients. Because it plays an important role in clearing IgA complexes away from kidneys and then repair damaged kidney and improve the kidney function from the root. But how it works? Patients only need to lie on the bed and put two begs filled with Chinese herbs under the lower back, then with the help of a penetration instrument, the active factors contained in herbs will enter into the kidney directly, through a series of reactions, we make sue your IgA nephropathy can be treated very well.

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