Is Dialysis The Best Choice For IgA Nephropathy

Is Dialysis The Best Choice For IgA NephropathyIs dialysis the best choice for IgA nephropathy ? Not only IgA nephropathy patients themselves, but also their family members would love to know the answer. Now follow us, you may get some help. 
First, what is IgA nephropathy?
IgA nephropathy is one common auto-immune disease affecting our kidneys. Once left it uncontrolled, there are many possibilities for IgA nephropathy to develop kidney failure in where dialysis is needed. When the clearance of creatine is below 15 or creatine is higher than 6, dialysis will be suggested especially when patients are companied by serious symptoms or complications. 
Is dialysis the best choice for IgA nephropathy ? 
To be honest, dialysis really has many advantages. Dialysis can eliminate the risk factors that are threatening patients’ life seriously by removing excessive wastes, creatinine, urea and other products out of the body although this function is temporary. Moreover, dialysis has quick and obvious effects, for example, your high creatinine level will decrease sharply after dialysis. However, since it has so many advantages mentioned above, is dialysis the best choice for IgA nephropathy? If as a long-term method, the answer may be no. The reason is dialysis can not solve the root problems for IgA nephropathy, that is to say, it is not enough because it can not discharge immune complexes and macromolecular wastes from the blood. 
In view of the above things, a more advanced and more effective way need to be introduced highly to IgA nephropathy patients. In this situation, Immunotherapy is a good choice for them. The reason is not only because it can help repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney function from the root, but also because it can discharge immune complexes and other wastes completely. Moreover, different from mere dialysis, dialysis+blood purification+immunotherapy will not make patients dependent on dialysis fully. 
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