Newest Treatment For IgA Nephropathy

Newest Treatment For IgA NephropathyIs there a newest treatment for IgA Nephropathy in clinic? We can make sure that many IgA Nephropathy patients are eager to know the answer. Well, don’t worry, the answer is expected to be showed in the following content.

IgA Nephropathy is the most common cause of primary glomerulonephritis in the developed world. Although this disorder was initially thought to follow a benign course, it is now recognised that slow progression to end-stage renal ( kidney ) disease occurs in up to 50% of affected patients, often over 20 to 25 years of observation. The remaining patients enter a sustained clinical remission or have persistent low grade hematuria or proteinuria. Now, let’s look at some traditional methods used commonly for IgA Nephropathy.

1. General interventions to slow progression that are not specific to IgA Nephropathy, including blood pressure control and, in patients with proteinuria, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or ARBs. In addition, statin therapy may be beneficial in patients with chronic kidney disease and serum LDL-cholesterol concentrations above goal values.

2. Therapy with glucocorticoids with or without other immunosuppressive agents to treat the underlying inflammatory disease.

Although both the above methods are so good to help treat IgA Nephropathy temporarily, as a long-term treatment, it is not the best choice due to various side effects caused by them.

Here, we would like to introduce the newest treatment for IgA Nephropathy, which is known as Immunotherapy. Well, how does it work? Immunotherapy contains six steps, and they are immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection. Every step has its clear purpose, for example, immune clearance is such a step that many advanced blood purification techniques such as hemodialysis, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, blood perfusion will be used to clean the blood through eliminating toxic substances and the immune complexes in the blood. As to the immune complexes depositing on kidneys can be eliminated by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is used externally. But the biggest difference between the steroid medicines;the immunosuppressive agent and Immunotherapy is that Immunotherapy helps patients repair the damaged kidneys and enhance the kidney function from the root.

Are you interested in this magic therapy? Please let us know freely, we are glad to help you.

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