Can Dialysis Cure IgA Nephropathy

Can Dialysis Cure IgA NephropathyDialysis is commonly recommended to people who have serious kidney disease for a long time. But most people wonder that can dialysis cure IgA Nephropathy. With this doubt, please read on and find the answer.

The advantages of dialysis for IgA Nephropathy

Generally speaking, when IgA Nephropathy patients meet the following two conditions, dialysis will be suggested.

1. The clearance of creatinine is below 15 or creatinine is higher than 6.

2. Patients are suffering from serious symptoms and complications.

Once patients received dialysis, Well, what benefits does it bring to patients? Dialysis helps patients to function as follows:

1. The first and most significant benefit of dialysis is to help improve patient outcomes.

2. Dialysis can eliminate the risk factors that are threatening the patient’s life by relieving fluid overload and removing excessive electrolytes, creatinine, uric acid, urea and other wastes from the body.

3. Improve patient’s life quality to a large degree.

4. Control blood pressure and maintain the balance of electrolytes.

5. Dialysis has quick and obvious effects, for example, high creatinine level can be brought down instantly after dialysis.

In a word, as a short-term treatment, dialysis is a good choice for IgA Nephropathy patients indeed. However, it is not the best treatment for IgA nephropathy patients because as a long-term treatment, it can not solve the root problems and it can not replace all the functions of kidney. In other words, to the question mentioned at the start: can dialysis cure IgA Nephropathy? The answer may be not. No matter how many benefits you get from dialysis, your kidneys get noting and they even keep being damaged further. In view of this, as long as when the kidneys can work by themselves again and do their functions without dialysis, your kidney can be cured.

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