Best Herbs Treatment For IgA Nephropathy

Best Herbs Treatment For IgA NephropathyAs a IgA Nephropathy patient, you may don’t satisfied with your current treatment any more, whether dialysis or kidney transplant. Moreover, you must have heard Chinese herbs treatment both in website and in your daily life, it is so effective that used to treat various kidney diseases thoroughly, of course, it also responds to IgA nephropathy very well. Now follow us to learn more details about the best herbs treatment for IgA Nephropathy.

After many years of researches and experiments, a set of stereoscopic therapy of TCM has been formed. It is cycle therapy, hot compress therapy, foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, enema therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy and moxibustion therapy. Each of seven therapies has its own disadvantages and forms the system by itself. It is proved that all the therapies among TCM can be used to treat every kidney disease from the root by repairing damaged kidney and improving kidney function.

Now, let’s use Hot Compress Therapy as one example. In the first place, it is used externally, in order to alleviate bitter taste especially for those western patients. Then two bags filled with micronized Chinese herbs will put in the lower back, that is the position of kidneys. With the help of osmosis instrument and blood circulation, these active substances will directly arrive at the damaged kidney, through a series of functions, like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, expanding blood vessels, promoting the self-replication of DNA and providing nutritions to damaged kidney, finally, to remove IgA immune complexes depositing in glomerular mesangial cells successfully from the body and increase the kidney function to the normal level. This is one of the best herbs treatments for IgA nephropathy in China.

In conclusion, as a patient with IgA nephropathy, remember that the best treatment refers to the one which deal with the problem from the root, which can also help avoid dialysis and kidney transplant effectively. Of course, if you would like to know more information like costs, curative effect, duration time, etc of these natural treatments mentioned above, please contact us try your best. We are glad to help everyone in difficulties.

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