Is IgA Nephropathy Curable by Natural Treatment

Is IgA Nephropathy Curable by Natural Treatment
 Hello, I’m a patient of IgA Nephropathy. Now my creatinine is 1. There is protein in my urine, and my legs are swelling. Is it curable by natural treatment please?

Answer: It is a very good thing that your creatinine level is within normal range. With an effective treatment in time, your kidney disease can be cured.

IgA Nephropathy is an immune-mediated kidney disorder.

In right condition,when you get an infection, antigens (a virus, bacteria, or toxin) can easily invade into your body, the body sends out antibodies, which are immunoglobulins produced by the immune system, to fight against these invaders.

However, in IgA Nephropathy, antibodies fail to fight off these antigens, but lock onto the surfaces of foreign substances, forming antigen-antibody aggregates known as immune complexes. Normally, these objects will circulate through the blood stream until being removed by the liver and other organs. In IgAN, however, they become deposited, or lodged in the tiny filters of the kidney-glomeruli.

These deposits don't belong to our body, so the body will try to eliminate them. The immune complexes are too stubborn to be cleared away, so the inflammatory response will become more and more tense, eventually resulting in hypersensitivity. The renal intrinsic cells and tissues will be impaired if the hypersensitivity is out of control. Symptoms will occur over time.

Based on many years' clinical practices, Immunotherapy comes into being as the newest treatment for IgA Nephropathy in China. The whole process can be divided into six steps:

1. An accurate diagnosis. A comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of each patient's present illness condition is necessary to guide the best treatment plan.

2. Immune blocking. The immune inflammatory response will be restrained rapidly with a set of immune blocking therapeutic methods.

3. Immune clearance. By means of immunoabsorption, plasma exchange and blood purification, etc, the harmful substances in the blood can be eliminated completely.

4. Immune tolerance. Though inflammatory damages of tissue and cells caused by immune response have been prevented by immune blocking, the damaged renal inherent cells and immune complexes haven't been removed. It is necessary to help patients adapt this fact. Meantime, regular immune blocking should be adopted.

5. Immune adjustment. On the one hand, immune complex can be cleared away by Traditional Chinese Medicine. On the other hand, we put stress on improving the immunity of the whole body.

6. Immune protection. The integrated of Chinese and western medicine are used to protect and repair the damaged renal tissue and inherent cells. Meanwhile, the immune system will get regulated gradually.

Immunotherapy can treat IgA Nephropathy from the root cause and prevent the relapse. After a short period of treatment, swelling and proteinuria will disappear. After a long period of treatment, you can repair kidney damage and promote renal function.

Is IgA Nephropathy curable by natural treatment? Though the above Immunotherapy can not cure the disease, it can help you control the disease well and prevent frequent relapse. For more information on our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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