Does Stage 2 IgA Nephropathy Treatment Need Prednisone

Does Stage 2 IgA Nephropathy Treatment Need Prednisone
Hi please help. I’m so confuse right now! I was diagnose with IgA Nephropathy yesterday. I’m on stage 2, GFR is 79, still in normal kidney function. My doctor just recommend me to take the lisinopril 10mg, that’s all! I heard some patients are taking prednisone to help inflammation, should I switch to another doctor? And I’m planning to start to change my diet today to see if it improves my condition. Cholesterol is high as well.

Answer: I can understand your confusion, kidney disease is quite a devastating diagnosis. But learning about your condition can help make it a little less scary.

Lisinopril is usually one of the most important first line treatments for most kidney disease. So, that's a good one to start on. Especially since your kidney function is still very good. Lisinoril (an ACE inhibitor) is usually well tolerated, has minimal side effects, and has strong reno-protective and proteinuria reducing properties.

Prednisone on the other hand is not so nice. Yes, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties and some people have excellent results with it, but whether it can help depends upon the nature of your kidney disease.

Given your good function at the moment, a conservative approach starting with lisinopril is probably the right thing. Your doctor will likely monitor you with periodic blood and urine tests. If the lisinopril works, awesome! If the condition isn't improving or shows signs of worsening, then they can increase the dose and consider moving on to stronger treatments if a biopsy suggests they are warranted.

If you are looking for any dietary changes, one of the best things to do is to watch out for excess sodium. A lot of sodium today comes hidden in packaged and restaurant foods, so fresh ingredients are often better. Monitoring your own blood pressure can help with this. Exercise is important too. And if you do have higher cholesterol (common with kidney disease), your doctor may put you on a statin. But again, exercise goes a long way for cholesterol management.

IgA Nephropathy stage 2 has only slight kidney damage. Hope you grape your time to reverse the disease and keep kidney failure far away. For more information on treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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