The Difference Between Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephritis

The Difference Between Nephrotic Syndrome and NephritisWith the progression of nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome may occur. Thereby Nephrotic Syndrome is more severe than nephritis. Do you think it is right? Here let’s have a look at the difference between Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephritis.

Nephrotic Syndrome has 4 characteristics.

1. Massive proteinuria (urine protein>=3.5g/per day)

2. Hypoproteinemia (serum albumin<30g/L)

3. Heavy swelling (It may appear in your eyelid, limb, or even pleural effusion or peritoneal dropsy)

4. Hyperlipemia

Only when you meet the first two conditions can you be diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Some research showed that it may be massive proteinuria that causes the following three symptoms.

Can Nephritis develop to Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephritis can also cause urine protein, but nephritis is characterized by blood urine and high blood pressure rather than urine protein and hypoproteinemia. For a kidney patient with blood urine and high blood pressure, we can diagnose him with nephritis.

But if he has urine protein more than 3.5g, and his serum albumin is less than 30g, he can be diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. If his urine protein is not that much, it is not Nephrotic Syndrome.

Is Nephrotic Syndrome more severe than nephritis?

Not certainly. Both nephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome contain many kinds of conditions. For example, FSGS and Membranous Nephropathy. You may do not have so much protein as Nephrotic Syndrome, but some patients develop from nephritis to kidney failure directly.

No matter you have Nephrotic Syndrome or Nephritis, you should take treatment as early as possible to protect your kidneys from being damaged. Here we recommend a systemic Chinese medicine treatment, which is named Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing and other medication application. It can also improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys to supply them with enough essential elements such as oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients of medicine to speed up kidney recovery. After a short period of treatment, symptoms such as blood urine, high blood pressure, proteinuria, swelling and so on will get relieved. After a long period of treatment, you can get recovery completely.

Now you know the difference between Nephrotic Syndrome and nephritis. For more information on kidney disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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