Dangers of Nephrotic Syndrome

Dangers of Nephrotic SyndromeNowadays more and more people get Nephrotic Syndrome. If you can treat it well, you can still lead a normal life. If you can not, your life may be threatened. What are the dangers of Nephrotic Syndrome? After reading this article, you will find out the answer.

4 typical symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome

-Massive proteinuria.

When your 24h urine protein is more than 3.5g, you can see a lot of bubbles in urine, which does not disappear for a long time. This is the initial symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome. If you have such a condition, importance should be attached.

-Hypoproteinemia. Because massive protein goes out of body, it is likely for you to suffer from hypoproteinemia, less than 30g/L.

-Hyperlipemia. Nephrotic Syndrome can also cause dyslipidemia, such as elevated total cholesterol and triglyceride. In some cases, you may produce lipid urine.

-Swelling. Patients usually have heavy swelling. The most common swelling is on lower limbs. And the swelling is pitting. With the progression of disease, swelling may appear in whole body, such as pleural effusion, peritoneal dropsy, pericardial effusion, mediastinal effusion, scrotal edema, labia edema, lung edema, etc. In severe cases, you can not open your eyes, your neck becomes thick, skin becomes pale, breathing is difficult, you can only sit rather than lying, etc.

Dangers of Nephrotic Syndrome to our body

1. Kidney failure or uremia. This is the most common danger. In severe cases, dialysis should be kept forever.

2. Decreased immunity. Because of steroids and immunosuppressants, your immunity will be reduced greatly so that you are vulnerable to catching infections, such as skin infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, etc.

3. Vomiting or diarrhea. Both of them can decrease GFR, causing acute renal failure.

4. Heart failure. Nephrotic Syndrome patients have a higher risk of heart disease than normal people. In severe cases, life may be threatened.

5. Thrombus. Nephrotic Syndrome patients, especially those caused by Membranous Nephropathy, are prone to thrombus. The main cause is swelling, physical inactivity, hyperlipemia, and hemoconcentration.

Uremia has a lot of dangers. Therefore, to prevent uremia, you should control Nephrotic Syndrome well and prevent it from worsening. For more information on Nephrotic Syndrome treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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