Why Nephrotic Syndrome Relapses Once You Stop the Intake of Steroids

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Relapses Once You Stop the Intake of SteroidsFor Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they often presents proteinuria, edema, hyperlipidaemia, and hypoalbuminaemia. Steroids are the common prescription to treat proteinuria. For some patients, once their proteinuria disappears, they stop the intake of steroids. But the problem is that proteinuria comes back again once you stop. Why Nephrotic Syndrome relapses once you stop the intake of steroids? If you would like to know the answer, please go on reading.

Steroids can inhibit inflammation and immune system so as to reduce the protein leakage. But steroids can not cure your kidney disease. They just control your state of illness temporarily. The relapse of proteinuria can make your kidney function decline and at last you may develop kidney failure, while the long-term use of steroids has many side effects, such as infection, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. Therefore, if you would like to prevent Nephrotic Syndrome relapse, you should choose some medicine with few side effects to regulate your body.

In kidney disease hospital China, we often use Traditional Chinese Medicine to help improve the medical condition of patients. There are many oral Chinese medicine and external therapies in TCM. Some of them can regulate the qi flowing in the channels. Some can remove blood stasis. Some can cleanse waste. Besides, some can inhibit kidney inflammation, improve blood circulation, and prevent kidney fibrosis. After a period of treatment, proteinuria and some other symptoms disappear and your damaged kidneys will gradually repair themselves so as to improve kidney function. At last, your whole body will become balanced and harmonious. Then you can live a normal life without worrying about the relapse.

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