Home Management of Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Home Management of Nephrotic Syndrome in ChildrenDoes your child suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome? Besides hospitalization, most time the patients spend is at home. Here is some information on home management of Nephrotic Syndrome in children. Hope it can help you.


As the children are in a stage of growth and development, there are not so many diet restrictions for them. However, it still requires them to follow a low salt diet, which helps reduce swelling and controlling blood pressure. Besides, pay attention to protein intake. Eating too much can put extra stress on kidneys, while eating too less can affect their growth, thereby you need to know their correct daily intake.


Children are used to play hard, which may make them feel very tired. This is not good for their recovery. And under some cases, it may trigger the relapse of disease. Actually they can do some exercises with their friends or classmates, but the precondition is that the intensity of exercises does not exhaust them. After exercises, to have a good rest.


For children, they may forget to take medicine or can not take it on time, so what we should do is to supervise them to do it. Besides, we should take them for regular checkups to have a clear mind of their medical condition. If you are worrying about the side effects of long-term steroids and immunosuppressants, such as the influence on the growth and development of children, weigh gain, moon face, mood swing and depression, you can take natural treatment like Chinese medicine into consideration. It can help repair kidney damage and improve kidney function so as to alleviated associated symptoms such as proteinuria and swelling. It can also effectively reduce the relapse of disease.

Home management plays an important role in stabilizing Nephrotic Syndrome and preventing it from relapse. The above information is just for reference. If you would like to get personalized guidance on Nephrotic Syndrome, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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