How to Lose Weight with Nephrotic Syndrome

How to Lose Weight with Nephrotic SyndromeUnusual weight gain is a problem that can not be avoided for Nephrotic Syndrome patients. As we all know, weight gain may increase your risk of heart disease. How to lose weight with Nephrotic Syndrome?

Why patients with Nephrotic Syndrome often suffer from weight gain?

One of the Nephrotic Syndrome is the massive proteinuria and steroids is the conventional medicine to control inflammation so as to reduce the protein leakage. But high doses and long-term use of steroids is linked to severe side effects. One of the known side effects of steroids use. It can cause a redistribution of fat, especially in the face, abdomen and back of the neck. Because steroids can cause fluid retention and higher calorie intake due to increased appetite.

How to lose weight with Nephrotic Syndrome?

-Do physical activity regularly

Though sometimes severe edema, joint pain and some other symptoms may make you feel difficult to take part in exercise regularly. But when your state of illness is stable, you should add exercise into your routine. You can do some exercise that is suitable for your medical condition. At the very beginning, you can do some gentle exercise, such as walking and tai chi. With the improvement of your body, you can do some other exercise, such as jogging, swimming, etc.

-Control your appetite

In the daily, you should control the intake of calorie and the the nutritional value of the foods and you had better make a renal-friendly diet to help protect your kidney function. Avoid processed sugars and simple carbohydrates and have a low sodium, low fat, high vitamin and low protein diet. The diet plan can be acquired by consulting a dietitian.

-Change the medicine you take

Because kidney disease treatment is a long-term process, you had better choose some natural remedies if you do not want to suffer from its side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine is famous for its herbs and external therapies. If you want to make your whole body balanced and harmoniously, it may be a good choice.

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