Nursing Care for Hematuria with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nursing Care for Hematuria with Nephrotic SyndromePatients with Nephrotic Syndrome always have many symptoms. These symptoms vary due to the different physical condition and disease severity. Hematuria is also a symptom common to see among Nephrotic Syndrome patients. How to care for hematuria? In the following article, we will discuss the nursing care for hematuria with Nephrotic Syndrome.

When treating Nephrotic Syndrome, we should not only control the symptoms, but also eliminate the root causes. Because Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment is a long process, western medicine has severe side effects which can cause damage to your body. Besides, the risk of infection is also high. Therefore, when your state of illness is stable, Traditional Chinese Medicine is recommended, because they can regulate your whole body without causing side effects. The daily nursing care is also very important for patients with hematuria and Nephrotic Syndrome.

1. You should pay attention to infection, especially respiratory tract infection. Because it can worsen your hematuria.

2. You should know how to eat properly and the acceptable daily intake of the nutrients. Too much is as bad as too little. Too much will increase the burden on the kidneys and too little is not helpful for the recovery of body. Moreover, you should drink plenty of water to dilute the blood urine in case that the blood stasis blocks your urethra.

3. You should have a good rest until the blood disappears from the urine. If your medical condition is allowed, you should do some exercise properly to strengthen your immune system, which can help you fight against the disease.

4. You should keep a good mood. Positive attitude can ease pain and alleviate symptoms.

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