Is It Right to Increase Protein Needs for Nephrotic Syndrome

Is It Right to Increase Protein Needs for Nephrotic SyndromeWith Nephrotic Syndrome, a lot of protein spills out of the body every day. Is it right to increase protein needs for Nephrotic Syndrome? Not a few patients consult our online doctor such a question. Today let’s have a discuss here.

Protein is an important component of our body. When you are lack of protein in body, you may have swelling, infections and some other disease. Therefore, no matter you are Nephrotic Syndrome patients or not, you should supplement protein. But for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, you should especially attach importance. Because if you consume too much protein, it may cause high filtration to speed up glomerulosclerosis. You should know that too much is as bad as too little.

-If your kidney function is still normal, you should consume protein about 1g/kg per day plus the lost protein in urine.

-If you have azotemia, you should moderate limit protein intake to about 40g per day. But at the same time, you should increase the intake of carbohydrates to supplement energy.

When you choose protein, you had better choose some high quality protein, such as egg white, lean meat, milk and other animal protein. Because they are high in essential amino acids, which do not put extra stress on kidneys.

All in all, protein intake is important for you to control Nephrotic Syndrome well. But it can not replace medical treatment. Here we recommend some natural therapies to help you reduce the relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome, such as medicated foot bath, medicated full bath, steam therapy, circle therapy, enema therapy, etc. Some of them can be done at home under the guidance of doctors. Maybe you could have a try.

Is it right to increase protein needs for Nephrotic Syndrome? You should make a judgment according to your medical conditions. If you would like to get our help, please feel free to leave a message below. You can also send a scanned copy of your medical test report to Later our nephrologist on duty will contact you to give you personalized guidance.

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