Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Only Rely on Steroids to Eliminate Proteinuria


1. Why Nephrotic Syndrome presents?

2. What is the treatment focus of Nephrotic Syndrome?

3. What should Nephrotic Syndrome patients pay attention to in the daily?
Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Only Rely on Steroids to Eliminate Proteinuria

Where does Nephrotic Syndrome come from?

Why does kidney disease manifest as Nephrotic Syndrome? How does “three high and one low” come into being?

The key is proteinuria.

As we all know, under normal circumstance, 24h urine protein should be less than 0.15g. If it is beyond this range, urine protein will be detected.

Clinically when 24h urine protein is over 3.5g, it is renal proteinuria, and it is one of the criteria for Nephrotic Syndrome.

Massive proteinuria can cause the following chain reactions:

1. Massive protein leakage can result in a sharp decrease in plasma protein, leading to hypoalbuminemia.

2. Hypoalbuminemia, especially the reduction of plasma albumin, can cause osmotic pressure imbalance, causing heavy edema.

3. Hypoalbuminemia, or large loss of plasma protein can increase lipoprotein, leading to hyperlipidemia.

That is to say, the root cause of “three high and one low” for Nephrotic Syndrome is the massive proteinuria.
Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Only Rely on Steroids to Eliminate Proteinuria

Treatment focus of Nephrotic Syndrome

Most Nephrotic Syndrome patients have a good kidney function, so the treatment should focus on reduce proteinuria. Therefore, steroids become the most commonly used drugs.

The principles of steroids mainly include the following two aspects:


The harmful substances that invade into the body are swallowed by the body’s own immune cells, which combine to form immune complexes. Those immune complexes deposit on kidneys. To eliminate them, immune cells in kidneys will launch inflammatory reaction, which over time can damage nephrons, and then protein goes out.

The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of steroids can reduce or even stop inflammatory reaction and kidney damage. If the remaining nephrons are strong enough, they can replace the dead ones to ensure normal needs of body.

-Reduce permeability

Steroids can decrease permeability of renal cells so as to reduce protein leakage.

In fact, besides steroids, you can try Chinese medicine, which can help repair kidney damage and promote renal function so as to treat proteinuria from the root. After about one month’s treatment, your proteinuria will turn negative.
Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Only Rely on Hormone to Eliminate Proteinuria

Another treatment focus of Nephrotic Syndrome

Besides steroids, Nephrotic Syndrome treatment includes the supplement of plasma protein.

Although the direct input of artificial protein takes effect quickly, it loses efficacy quickly as well, so it can not solve the problem.

In clinical practice, apart from steroids to stop protein leakage, proper diet is required to supplement high quality protein.

Protein intake should be controlled into 0.6-1 g/kg per day.

High quality protein refers to protein that can be absorbed by body easily, such as fish, egg white, milk, etc.

Low protein refers that the quantity should be low/

In addition, Nephrotic Syndrome patients should take part in moderate exercises, such as walking to prevent the formation of deep vein thrombosis.

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