Nephrotic Syndrome Proteinuria and Swelling: Which One Should Be Treated Firstly

Nephrotic Syndrome Proteinuria and Swelling: Which One Should Be Treated Firstly
Heavy swelling and massive proteinuria are the most common symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome. Both of them are severe. Which one should be treated firstly?

Dangers of swelling and proteinuria

Renal edema has a significant relationship with urinary protein. Because a large number of protein goes out of body, plasma albumin reduces, which causes the imbalance of colloid osmotic pressure, resulting in edema.

Swelling mainly affects heart and lung function. In some cases, it can threaten your life, for example, it can cause acute heart failure and acute pulmonary edema.

Proteinuria can cause persistent damage to glomerular filtration barrier. This can cause more protein to leak out of body so as to speed up the progression of kidney disease.

How to deal with swelling and proteinuria for Nephrotic Syndrome patients?

What should you do if you have both heavy swelling and massive proteinuria?

According to our imagination, we should stop the urine protein first, which do not only prevent further damage of the glomerular filtration barrier, but also prevent the reduction of plasma albumin so that the edema won’t get worse.

Unfortunately, it is not right.

Edema should be treated firstly for two reasons:

1. Heart failure and pulmonary edema caused by edema are more threatening to life and can make you very uncomfortable. Besides, it can affect the treatment experience and effect.

2. Steroids can cause water and sodium retention so as to make swelling worse. If a priority is given to the proteinuria, it may add insult to injury.

How to eliminate heavy swelling?

If the edema is very serious, how to eliminate it?

Some people think of diuretics, while some think of high quality protein diet.

Diuretics is really good for you to drain water from body and reduce swelling, but the problem is that reduced plasma albumin causes the imbalance of colloid osmotic pressure, resulting in a large decrease of water content in blood vessels so that diuretics can not take effect easily.

Then does it mean you should increase plasma albumin by high quality protein diet?

No, it does not. It takes effect so slowly.

The correct measure is to supplement the artificial protein. It is not intended to supplement plasma protein, but to balance the osmotic pressure of the colloid, and then diuretics can be taken effect quickly to reduce swelling.

During this period, check electrolyte frequently, because diuretics can easily lead to electrolyte imbalance.

Once your swelling and proteinuria get controlled, you can try Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can help repair kidney damage and promote renal function so as to stabilize the disease and reduce its relapse greatly.

Now you get the answer about proteinuria and swelling, which one should be treated firstly for Nephrotic Syndrome. If you still have any questions on this disorder, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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