Nephrotic Syndrome: Steroids and Chinese Medicine, Which One Is Better

Nephrotic Syndrome: Steroids and Chinese Medicine, Which One Is Better
Nephrotic syndrome (or NS) is a group of clinical syndromes, including massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, heavy edema and hyperlipidemia. The onset of the disease is more common in children, but also in adults and elderly people. According to pathology, Nephrotic Syndrome is usually divided into five categories. Different onset time and pathogenesis have different prognosis.

Why use steroids for Nephrotic Syndrome?

There are many factors that can cause kidney disease, and pathogenesis has relationship with the patient's own immunity. The reason why you suffer from kidney disease is due to your own immune dysfunction. It can stimulate the production of immune complexes, which can deposit on kidneys, leading to hypersensitivity. Immune complexes (a product of antigen and antibody combination) and glomeruli can trigger immune inflammatory response. In such a case, steroids can be used to control and inhibit immune reaction.

How long does steroid take to control Nephrotic Syndrome?

The use of steroids is usually intermediate-acting or long-acting. If sufficient hormone therapy is effective, the course of treatment should be extended to minimize recurrence. Generally, short-course therapy hormone will take 3 months, and medium-course therapy hormone will take 6-7 months.

Can Nephrotic Syndrome treatment avoid steroids? And steroids and Chinese medicine: which one is better?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a chronic disease. It can avoid steroids. As to the treatment of chronic disease, it is classified into two parts. One is medical intervention, the other one is healthy living.

As to the medical intervention, the combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine will be a god choice. Western medicine such as steroids take effect quickly, but they have many side effects. Chinese medicine takes effect slowly, but they can help adjust physical condition and help you get well. At the same, the side effects of hormones can be alleviated by using traditional Chinese medicine through syndrome differentiation. Therefore, the combination therapy of Chinese and western medicine is selected, that is, hormone therapy is mainly used in the early stage of the disease, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the side effects.

The combination of Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of kidney disease has become a consensus. Caution: in hormone therapy, you should not add, reduce or stop the medicine without permission. You can choose the combination of Chinese and western medicine for treatment when you take steroids for a period of time or taper the dosage of steroids. Besides, Chinese medicine can not be taken blindly, because some have renal toxicity.

All in all, in the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome. You should combine medical treatment with healthy lifestyle. This is a systemic treatment, which needs time to control disease well. For more information on Nephrotic Syndrome treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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