Is There An Actual Cure for Nephrotic Syndrome

Question: I have Nephrotic Syndrome. I have had it ever since a kid at 8 years old which went away by the help of doctors and medicines. I am now 23 and been on cyclosporine ever since I was 19 and had a few relapses. I was just wondering is there an actual cure?

Is There An Actual Cure for Nephrotic SyndromeAnswer: Kidney disease can not be cured. But with conventional treatment, kidney disease can be alleviated. The problem is that in the daily, a cold or an infection can cause the relapse of kidney disease. Nephrotic Syndrome is such a kind of kidney disease. Because it is associated with immune system. If you can not regulate the abnormal immune system, you will continue to suffer from relapse.

Cyclosporine is a drug that belongs to immunosuppressant. It can reduce the body’s ability to fight disease, leaving patients vulnerable to infection and some other problems. That is why you have a few relapse. Long-term use of this medication can also cause many other side effects, such as headache, nausea, dizziness, etc.

If you would like to live a normal life with Nephrotic Syndrome without worrying about the side effects, Traditional Chinese Medicine is preferred, because most of them are herbs and external therapies. Generally speaking, TCM has few side effects if you use them under the instruction of doctor. After a period of treatment, your whole body will become balanced and harmonious. There are various therapies, such as medicated bath, foot bath, enema therapy, circle therapy, moxibustion and hot compress therapy. We usually make a personalized treatment plan after having an accurate physical examination.

Though there is no actual cure for Nephrotic Syndrome, you should know how to live well with Nephrotic Syndrome. If possible, please send your medical test report such as urine test and blood test to Our doctor will give you reply after analyzing your case.

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