How to Lower Creatinine 662 and Urea 25.7 for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

How to Lower Creatinine 662 and Urea 25.7 for Nephrotic Syndrome PatientsIf you can not treat your Nephrotic Syndrome as early as possible, it will develop kidney function impairment so that your creatinine level and blood urea increase. How to lower creatinine 662 and urea 25.7 for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? In the following, you will find the answer. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact online doctor.

Creatinine 662 means you are in stage 4 kidney disease. If you do not pay attention to it, you may have dialysis or kidney transplant soon.

Because creatinine and urea are both protein waste products, so you should limit the intake of high protein food. For stage 4 kidney patients, 0.4 g/kg high quality protein is OK. Egg white and lean meat both belong such kind of protein. Most of them can be absorbed by the body and reduce the produce of creatinine and urea. Besides, you should increase the intake of calory, which can reduce the metabolism of protein in your body.

Besides diet, medicine such as Ketosteril can regulate the metabolism of protein so as to help you reduce creatinine and urea.

But the above measures can not solve the problem from the root. Only when you improve kidney function can the creatinine and urea level come down. In our hospital, our treatment aims at recovering kidney function. There are therapies to cleanse wastes and improve blood circulation, such as Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy and Enema Therapy. As a result, there is enough oxygen and nutrient to be transported to the damaged kidneys. Besides, some therapies can inhibit kidney inflammation, block blood clotting and prevent kidney fibrosis, which is also helpful for kidney recovery.

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