Treatment for Creatinine 8.6 with Nephrotic Syndrome

Treatment for Creatinine 8.6 with Nephrotic SyndromeCreatinine 8.6 is much higher than the normal level (0.5-1.2 mg/dL). It means your Nephrotic Syndrome has developed to the end stage kidney disease. what is the treatment for Creatinine 8.6 with Nephrotic Syndrome?


Dialysis is the most common way to filter waste from the blood. After dialysis, your creatinine level comes down quickly. But there is a problem. As long as you stop dialysis, your creatinine level increases again.


Meat is a source of creatinine, so you had better limit the intake of meat. If you are not on dialysis, 0.2 g/kg meat protein is OK. If you are on dialysis, you can eat 1.2 g/kg lean meat per day. Besides, you should ensure the carbohydrate intake to reduce the metabolism of protein. Wheat and corn are both packed with carbohydrate.


When you are doing exercise, muscle contraction increases the production of creatinine, so you had better have a good rest and avoid strenuous activity. If you feel your physical condition is better, you can do some gentle exercise, such as tai chi, walk and yoga.


Only improving kidney function can your creatinine level come down. And you won’t worry about the relapse. In kidney disease hospital China, we often treat Nephrotic Syndrome by regulating the qi flowing in the channels, removing stasis, and cleansing waste. Therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Moxibustion, Medicated Bath, Enema therapy are often used. They are anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, blood vessel dilation, degrading extracellular matrix, etc. As a result, your damaged kidneys gradually restore their kidney function.

Creatinine 8.6 should be treated as early as possible, or it will bring much damage to your body. With the help of online doctor, you can learn more information about our therapies. And we can make a personalized treatment plan according to your medical condition.

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