Are There Any Natural Remedies for Nephrotic Syndrome

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Nephrotic SyndromeBecause of the various side effects of steroids and some other medicines, many Nephrotic Syndrome patients turn to seek help from the natural remedies. Are there any natural remedies for Nephrotic Syndrome?

Food Therapy

Food does not only provide the essential nutrients for the body, but also help treat disease. Food therapy can regulate the body and improve immune system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the nutrients in the food can increase the function of cellular nutrition metabolism and activate the healthy immune gene in the cells so as to boost immune system and help you fight against disease. Here are some remedies to recommend to you, such as soup of mullet and wax gourd and flos sophorae and crisp shrimp. If you would like to know more about food therapy, maybe the TCM doctors can help you.


Exercise can also help you control Nephrotic Syndrome. In the daily, doing exercise regularly promotes immune system, boost energy, improve sleeping quality and appetite. But exercise plan should be made according to your medical condition. Before you do exercise, you had better consult your doctor.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is relatively natural, because it causes few side effects if you can consume it under the instruction of doctor. Here we introduce some therapies briefly. Medicated Bath Therapy, Circle Therapy and Enema Therapy are often used to help draw out toxins from body. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to inhibit kidney inflammation, improve kidney function and degrade extracellular matrix to prevent kidney fibrosis.

Under normal circumstance, the above therapies are combined together to treat Nephrotic Syndrome. After a period of treatment, your state of illness can be brought under controlled. If you would like to know more information about the therapies, please feel free to contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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