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Life Expectancy Of 14% Kidney Function In FSGS

14% kidney function in FSGS, it means patients who only left such a bit of kidney function are already in the stage 5 chronic kidney disease and in this case, m...more>>

FSGS: Life Expectancy Of 8% Kidney Function Without Dialysis

What is the exact life expectancy of 8% kidney function without dialysis for FSGS patients? Though dialysis may offer a better quality of life and extend the su...more>>

Life Expectancy After Kidney Transplant For FSGS Patients

When your kidneys fail, you need one of two methods to stay alive, one is dialysis and the other is kidney transplant. Generally speaking, the average life expe...more>>

FSGS: How Long Can You Live After Stopping Dialysis

If you happen to be a FSGS patient but get tired of endless dialysis greatly, the question FSGS: how long can you live after stopping dialysis may be your bigge...more>>

How Long Can Patient With FSGS Live On Dialysis

As the kidney disease progresses, the life span becomes the biggest concern of FSGS patients, especially those on dialysis. They fear there have no more time to...more>>

Life Expectancy With GFR Of 14 In FSGS

GFR ( Glomerular Filtration Rate ) of 14 in FSGS, it is obvious that the level is quite lower than the normal range ( 90ml/min/1.73m2 ) of a healthy person in c...more>>

FSGS: How Do I Increase My GFR By Diet

How do I increase my GFR by diet in FSGS effectively? In addition to creative level, GFR ( Glomerular Filtration Rate ) which estimates how much blood passes th...more>>

FSGS: If Kidney Function Is Less Than 10%, How Long Can You Live

For those FSGS patients with less than 10% kidney function, the answer of if kidney function is less than 10%, how long can you live cared by more and more pati...more>>

Life Expectancy Of Female With FSGS On Dialysis

What is the life expectancy of female with FSGS on dialysis? For a healthy people, it seems that male will live longer than the female although there dont have...more>>

My Creatinine Level is 4.8 In FSGS, Will I Need Dialysis

In our daily life, if someone is diagnosed with FSGS, we often hear his or her doctor and nurses talking about his or her creatinine level which is considered a...more>>

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of FSGS

FSGS is the abbreviation of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis which can happen at any age, what is more, it is more often seen among children and the average a...more>>

The Prognosis Of FSGS Patients

If you happen to be a FSGS patient, nothing is more important than knowing your diseases prognosis. Now, follow us to find the answer. What does FSGS( Focal Seg...more>>

The Prognosis Of Creatinine 3.5 In FSGS

Recently, a young woman send us an email, the specific contents are shown below. I am a FSGS patient for two years and I often take some medicines to slow down...more>>

What Does Kidney Function 40% Mean For FSGS

What does kidney function 40% mean for FSGS? For FSGS patients, there are different clinical indexes that can be used to reflect how well the kidney function li...more>>

What Is The Life Expectancy Of FSGS

Do you know what is the life expectancy of FSGS? Not only patients themselves, but their family members and lovers are eager to know the exact answer. Actually,...more>>

Does FSGS And Creatinine 4.5 Indicate Kidney Failure

Actually, FSGS and creatinine 4.5 is not terrible, but the most fearful is that patients dont have firm determination to fight against it. Over time, not only p...more>>

How To Improve FSGS Prognosis

How to improve FSGS prognosis? If you are a patient suffering from FSGS, this article is worth to read. FSGS, described as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a...more>>

Does FSGS And Creatine 4.5 Mean Kidney Failure

If a person is diagnosed with FSGS and at the same time his or her creatine level is 4.5, does the two aspects mean kidney failure? Do you know the answer? If n...more>>

Life Span Of FSGS With Dialysis

Do you know what is predictable life span of FSGS with dialysis? The answer is concerned by many FSGS patients. To be honest, there is no a certain number about...more>>

How To Prolong Life Expectancy of FSGS

FSGS is the abbreviation of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. It is one rare type of primary glomerular disease affecting children and adults. How to prolong ...more>>

What do You Know about FSGS

Do you know about FSGS? Do you know what it will cause in the end? As a patient with FSGS, what should you know and you need to have the awareness of the diseas...more>>

What does FSGS Kidney Disease Mean?

Have you ever known that what does FSGS mean? And do you have knowledge of FSGS kidney disease. Such kind of disease belongs to kidney disease and which will ca...more>>

CKD Stage 3 Caused by FSGS

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) means that your kidneys are not working as well as they once did. Various conditions can cause CKD. Of which, FSGS kidney disease c...more>>

CKD Stage 3 Caused by FSGS

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) means that your kidneys are not working as well as they once did. Various conditions can cause CKD. Of which, FSGS kidney disease c...more>>

How to Prevent FSGS

FSGS is a kind of kidney disease, which is also a cause of nephrotic syndrome in children and adolescents, as well as an important cause of kidney failure in ad...more>>