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The Treatment For FSGS Stage 4

When you are diagnosed with FSGS stage 4, which means your kidney has been damaged to a certain extent and your kidney can not work normally, if let it go on wi...more>>

Treat FSGS And Stage 4 CKD With Immunotherapy

As a novel treatment in china, Immunotherapy has already been applied into a great many of clinical treatments, such as Nephrotic Syndrome, IgA Nephropathy and...more>>

Can A Low GFR Of FSGS Be Reversed

GFR is the abbreviation of glomerular filtration rate, which is the indicator of measuring renal function. The higher the GFR, the better renal function. A low...more>>

Herbal Treatment For FSGS Stage 3

What is the best herbal treatment for FSGS stage 3? Before, if you are a FSGS stage 3 patient, maybe you are extremely tired of endless dialysis or kidney trans...more>>

Some Remedial Measures For FSGS Patients

FSGS, the full name is focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which has two types, primary glomerular lesions and secondary glomerular lesions. Almost all FSGS pat...more>>

Can Natural Food Cure FSGS

FSGS is the abbreviation of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, which is one of the clinical syndromes. Almost all the patients suffering from FSGS are eager to...more>>

Home Treatment for FSGS

As we all know, once the illness condition of FSGS patients is serious, they have to go to hospital to receive treatment. But the environment of hospital can no...more>>

How To Increase GFR Naturally For FSGS Patients

What is GFR? Actually, GFR refers to the glomerular filtration rate which is an important indicator of how well your kidneys are working apart from creatinine l...more>>

How To Diagnose And Treat FSGS

All around us, due to lack of medical knowledge, most of people dont sure what specific disease they are once they have some symptoms. Well, according to FSGS,...more>>

How To Avoid Renal Failure With FSGS

Generally speaking, for FSGS patients, if left untreated, their illness conditions will worsen gradually, finally, even develop into renal failure, where dialys...more>>

Kidney Transplant For FSGS

In general, once the FSGS develops into end-stage renal disease(ESRD), the most effective treatment is kidney transplant. Someone propose a question:Is the ki...more>>

How To Improve Kidney Function Of FSGS

In our daily life, kidney plays an very important role, such as discharging metabolism products and waste, maintaining acid-base balance of our body, producing...more>>

Can People With FSGS Get Rid Of Dialysis

In western countries, once the people with FSGS develop into uremia, the preferred choice is dialysis. In fact, dialysis indeed can replace a part function of k...more>>

Treatment Of Kidney Function Less Than 10% In FSGS

As a matter of fact, everyone wants to live a normal life although some FSGS patients only left less than 10% kidney function. So, treatment of kidney function...more>>

Herbal Treatment For FSGS

The full name of FSGS is focal segmental glomerulus sclerosis which is a cause of nephrotic syndrome in children and teenagers, as well as an important reason o...more>>

Herbal Treatment For FSGS Kidney Disease

For FSGS kidney disease patients who are undergoing some western treatments or have already experienced it, they may be so afraid of which not only can not elim...more>>

Kidney Transplant Life Expectancy Of FSGS Patients

Whether kidney transplant or dialysis, both are the important methods to treat end stage kidney disease, if FSGS develops into a severe extent, kidney transplan...more>>

How To Avoid Dialysis In FSGS With 8% Kidney Function

For those FSGS patient with 8% kidney function but quite not satisfied with their current treatment, like dialysis, is there some effective ways to help them av...more>>

Can FSGS With 25% Kidney Function Heal Up Totally

To know can FSGS with 25% kidney function heal up totally, it depends on what kind of treatment patients choose to a large degree. Now, follow us and try to fin...more>>

Can FSGS Be Reversed With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the newest treatment for FSGS which used commonly in clinic. However, can FSGS be reversed with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmot...more>>

Slow Progression Of FSGS With 19% Kidney function

FSGS, also known as Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, is a kind of Nephrotic Syndrome featured by heavy proteinuria, edema and other obvious symptoms. FSGS wi...more>>

Treatment For FSGS With GFR 19

In addition to creatinine level, GFR, also known as Glomerular Filtration Rate, can correctly reflect how well the kidney function of FSGS patients works. GFR 1...more>>

10% Kidney Working In Elderly FSGS Patients

For elderly FSGS patients, if his or her kidney only working 10% or less, this kind of condition must be paid more attention to. Well, what is the meaning of 10...more>>

How To Avoid Dialysis In FSGS

How to avoid dialysis in FSGS naturally? If you are a FSGS patient, you may dont satisfied with your current treatment extremely. Dialysis is commonly used in c...more>>

Can FSGS Be Reversed By Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Can FSGS be reversed by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? If you are a FSGS patient and dont satisfied with your current treatment at all, please read on and...more>>