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Can I Have A Successful and Long Lasting Kidney Transplant with FSGS

Question: Hello. I was diagnosed with CKD in 2005. Latest biopsy suggested FSGS. My GFR is 25 and I will be referred to a transplant program at 20. Can I have a...more>>

Dialysis and Kidney Transplant: Which One Is Better for FSGS Patients with GFR 22

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the two commonly used kidney replacement treatments for kidney failure patients. Which one is better? For FSGS patients, this...more>>

FSGS, Kidney Function 34%: Is There Any Possibility of Recovery

Question: Hi, sir. I have a son whose age is 14 years old. He has FSGS and his kidney is functioning 34%. Is there any possibility of recovery for his kidney fu...more>>

Upto Which Extend Kidney Transplant Is Successful in FSGS

Kidney transplant is a treatment option for FSGS patients with kidney failure. But FSGS has a high recurrence rate after transplant. Upto which extent kidney tr...more>>

How to Cleanse Kidney Without Dialysis for FSGS Patients

Dialysis is a blood detoxification way for kidney failure patients, but not all patients are willing to do it. How to cleanse kidney without dialysis for FSGS p...more>>

The Specific Function of Hormones for FSGS Patients

Hormones are the most commonly used drugs for FSGS patients, but do you know its specific function? The hormones used in FSGS are glucocorticoids, which are act...more>>

Can EGFR Improve in Scarred Kidneys

Question: My wife got diagnosed with kidney scarring and eGFR is at 30%. She is only 38 years old. Can eGFR improve in the scarred kidneys? Please suggest. Answ...more>>

Alternatives for FSGS Patients with Kidney Function of 26%

Question: I have FSGS and a function of 26%, which has fallen from 36% in past 2 years. Doctor is going to put me on mycophenolate next month, but am looking fo...more>>

FSGS, 20% of Kidney Function: Is There Any Better Suggestions

Question: Hi, my girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with FSGS. She has 20% function of her kidneys and is on ramipril and diovan daily. Do you have any bett...more>>

Secondary FSGS and Stage 4 Kidney Failure: How to Avoid Dialysis

Question: My husband has FSGS. He had a biopsy and that confirmed it. Doctors say it is secondary. He is stage 4 kidney failure. How to avoid dialysis? Answer:...more>>

Hot Compress Therapy for FSGS

Question: I am interested in your Hot Compress Therapy for kidney scarring, I was recently diagnosed with FSGS. Any further information would be very beneficial...more>>

FSGS with High Creatinine: What Herbs to Lower It Quickly

Question: I have FSGS. I ran a test that shows that my creatinine level is high. So I was wondering what herbs I can take to lower it really quickly so that I c...more>>

What Medicine Can I Take and What Will Happen with Early FSGS

I have early focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). What medicine can I take and what will happen? If you have the similar condition, this article may be he...more>>

FSGS: Can Steroids Cause Stretch Marks

I was diagnosed with FSGS. After taking a period of steroids, I have a lot of stretch marks on my body. Can steroids or FSGS cause stretch marks? If you have th...more>>

FSGS, Kidney Function 39%: About Kidney Transplant

Question: My son has FSGS, he is 35yrs old and one of his kidney is failing. It is currently functioning at 39% and he was told that he would need a transplant....more>>

FSGS with Collapsing Type: What Else I Can Do Besides Anti-hypertension

Question: I was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) with collapsing feature. I am 47 years old female with history of high blood pressure,...more>>

FSGS, Atrophic Kidneys, Creatinine 2.4: What to Do

Question: I made a kidney biopsy in 2010 and found to have Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis . Yesterday , I was diagnosed to be having atrophic kidney (right...more>>

FSGS: How to Promote Quality of Life

Question: Hi, I am just researching FSGS because I have a dear friend who is only 28 years old and is suffering from this disease. About 6 months ago, he stoppe...more>>

FSGS: Things to Help Kidney Function Improve and Not Go on Dialysis

Question: I have FSGS. My transplant kidney is failing. GFR is 8, not on dialysis yet, but wanting to get ready for it. Wondering if there is anything that can...more>>

Stage 5 Kidney Disease, FSGS and Creatinine 7.5: Can You Repair Kidney Damage

I have FSGS. Now it develops into stage 5 kidney disease, and creatinine level is 7.5. Can you still repair kidney damage? For some renal patients, they can res...more>>