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Is Azathioprine Good for the FSGS Patients

Is Azathioprine good for FSGS patients? Before answering this question, lets firstly learn what is azathioprine commonly used for? And what will happen if it is...more>>

What To Expect with Diagnosis of FSGS

What to expect once being diagnosed with FSGS? Diagnosis of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis does not mean instant death, but it indeed end ones life if not t...more>>

Treatment for FSGS In China

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is a common kidney problem among young people, especially among children. It is a refractory illness in medical feild...more>>

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, FSGS, Creatinine 7.6

Question: Sir, I am having FSGS with 7.6 creatinine level. And I want to know is there any possibility to get treated with the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Os...more>>

Natural Treatment for Hematuria in FSGS

How to treat hematuria naturally with FSGS? Hematuria is one of the clinical manifestations of FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis), a kidney problem in wh...more>>

What Should I Do With Creatinine 5.7 and FSGS

In recent days, a patient with creatinine 5.7 caused by FSGS is very concerned and eager to know how to alleviate his condition. Patients with FSGS are very pro...more>>

What Is the Survival Rate of FSGS

What is the survival rate of FSGS? It is normal for us to consider about our life span and survival rate once being told to have FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulo...more>>

Is Stem Cell Therapy ok for FSGS

Stell cell therapy is a controversial treatment in medical feild, but it indeed helps to treat many refractory illnesses well, including kidney disease. FSGS (F...more>>

What Does Creatinine 4.9 Mean for a FSGS Patient

My husband has FSGS. His creatinine level is rising and now it is 4.9. What does this mean? This is a question posed by a 53 years old lady whose husband was di...more>>

What Will Happen to FSGS Patients

Question: My nephew has just been diagnosed with FSGS. He is only six years old. I am trying to figure out what will potentially happen to him. Answer: FSGS(Foc...more>>

Average Lifespan of FSGS Patients on Dialysis

What is the average lifespan of FSGS patients on dialysis? Many FSGS patients believe there is no treatment option for them to live a normal life again apart fr...more>>

Can FSGS Be Cured

Can FSGS be cured? I am sure all the FSGS patients are interested in the answer, as it is closely related with their life expectancy. Although Id like to give t...more>>

FSGS: Should I Be Alarmed if Creatinine Level is 2.1

FSGS patients need to pay attention to their creatinine level in blood, because serum creatinine level is an important factor to help decide whether dialysis is...more>>

Alternative Medicine for FSGS

Prednisone and cellcept are commonly used medicine for FSGS patients. Well, aside from them, are there any alternative medicines for FSGS? For this question, I...more>>

FSGS: How to Reduce Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell In Urine

It is common for FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) patients to have increased red blood cell and white blood cell in urine. This abnormality can be foun...more>>

Advice for a 6 Years Old FSGS Patient with Nose Bleed

Question: My nephew has FSGS and has just been brought to hospital with a nose bleed. He is 6 years old and take mycophenalate and tacrolimus along with vitamin...more>>

Treatment for FSGS with High Creatinine 7.8 And Edema

If FSGS is not controlled effectively, creatinine level becomes very higher than normal volume and edema can occur. So if I have edema and creatinine 7.8, what...more>>

Treatment for Stage 4 FSGS with Renal Function 18%

FSGS can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD) if uncontrolled. In recent days, a patient with FSGS is diagnosed with stage 4 CKD and kidney function 18% left, a...more>>

Treatment for Stage 5 Kidney Failure in FSGS

If FSGS cant be treated effectively, kidney failure can be caused. Kidney failure will develop into end stage kidney failure also called stage 5 kidney failure...more>>

How To Lower Creatinine Level In FSGS

For patients with FSGS, creatinine level is very higher than normal range. Creatinine is a waste produced when body transports energy to muscles. Because of dec...more>>

How Serious Is 40% Kidney Function for FSGS

Recently, some patients with FSGS are diagnosed with 40% kidney function left, and they feel very worried. They want to know if it is very severe and life-threa...more>>

The Effective Treatment for FSGS

FSGS, the abbreviation of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, is one of the most common causes of primary glomerular disease in children and adults. It will con...more>>

How to Treat Back Pain caused by FSGS

In our daily life, we often hear that someone complains back pain, in fact, there are many factors that can cause back pain, such as fatigue, kidney disease and...more>>

Is FSGS And GFR 27 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure Curable

Firstly, if you happen to have such a condition: FSGS and GFR 27 in stage 4 kidney failure, we only want to say we are so sorry to hear this diagnosis. But dont...more>>

How To Treat FSGS Patients With High Blood Pressure

Usually, high blood pressure is the common symptom of FSGS patients. If uncontrolled, it will develop into kidney failure. So, how to treat FSGS patients with h...more>>