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Creatinine 2.41, Chronic Gouty Arthritis and FSGS: What Can I Do

Question: I am a 37 years old male. I have FSGS and now my creatinine is 2.41. I also have chronic gouty arthritis. What can I do? Answer: From your increased c...more>>

Home Remedies for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

Medication therapy is important for kidney patients to control symptoms and stabilize their state of illness. But only when medication therapy goes well with ho...more>>

Is There Anything I Can Do to Improve Kidney Function 31 % with FSGS Patients

Question: I need some help with FSGS. Ill be turning 26 in February and at my recent doctor visit I was told Im at about 31% kidney function. Is there anything...more>>

How Can I Reverse FSGS

FSGS means there is scarring in your kidneys. With FSGS, you have to suffer from various symptoms such as proteinuria and edema and you have to take many kinds...more>>

Is There A Cure for FSGS

Question: I have had FSGS for about 10 years now and am tired of taking steroids. My micro albumin is 1217.9g. Is there a cure for this disease? Answer: FSGS is...more>>

Natural Ways to Improve GFR for FSGS Patients

With FSGS, GFR will gradually lower and when it lowers to less than 15 ml/dL, you may have to do dialysis or kidney transplant. Do you want to know how to impro...more>>

What to Do with GFR 45 for FSGS Patients

GFR 45 means you are in stage 3 and there are moderate damage to the kidneys. Though many symptoms begin to appear, you can still lead a relatively normal life....more>>

Can I Do Something to Repair My Kidneys with FSGS

FSGS means there is something wrong with the glomeruli and then many symptoms appear. Can I do something to repair my kidneys with FSGS? Things we should do to...more>>

Is Kidney Transplant A Good Choice for FSGS Patients

Kidney transplant and dialysis are the most common ways for ESRD patients to sustain their life. Relatively speaking, kidney transplant is favored by more patie...more>>

How to Fix Kidney Problems for FSGS Patients

With the progression of FSGS, more and more glomeruli are necrotic and then symptoms begin to appear, such as proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure and so on....more>>

How to Improve GFR 38 for FSGS Patients

FSGS can cause GFR decline. GFR 38 means your are in CKD stage 4. How to improve GFR 38 for FSGS patients? GFR is an indicator of kidney function. If you want t...more>>

Treatment to Lower High Creatinine 7.7 and Urea 240 for FSGS Patients

A FSGS patient left a message on our website. He wants to find the treatment to lower high creatinine 7.7 and urea 240. In the following, we list several ways t...more>>

Can Homeopathy Cure FSGS

There are many kinds of therapies to help treat kidney disease in the whole world, such as allopathy and ayurveda. Homeopathy is also one of them. Can Homeopath...more>>

How to Improve Kidney Function for FSGS Patients

Question: I have Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis. At present, my kidney function by 24 hour urine= 40%; kidney function by creatine=23%. Had problem since 13 years old and now 22. Not on dialysis yet. What should I do? Please kindly suggested. ...more>>

Is Dialysis The Last Option for A FSGS Patient with Creatinine 7.9

Question: My moms creatinine level is 7.9 and her hemoglobin is getting lower day by day. She also suffers from high blood pressure and other symptoms. Her trea...more>>

What Is the Best Solution for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

Question: My sister has been diagnose with this disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. What is the best solution for this disease? Answer: Focal Segmental...more>>

Can Renal Function Be Improved for FSGS Patients

Kidney plays an important role in maintaining your health. As long as your kidney function begins to decline due to FSGS, many symptoms appear, such as edema, p...more>>

How to Reduce Creatinine 2.14 and Potassium 5.43 for FSGS Patients

Recently a FSGS patient sought help from our website. He said his creatinine is 2.14 and potassium level is 5.43 and he wanted to know how to reduce them. If yo...more>>

Creatinine 4.2 and Hemoglobin 9.5 with FSGS: How to Deal With It

Question: 14 years ago I am diagnosed with FSGS. Now my creatine is 4.2 and hemoglobin is 9.5, no albumin leakage. How to deal with it? Please kindly suggest me...more>>

What Should I Do with FSGS, Hypertension and Diabetes

Question: I have been through kidney biopsy. The results said I have FSGS. I also have hypertension and barely moderate diabetes. Now I have only 18 % kidney fu...more>>

An Alternative for Treating FSGS Patients

Question: Hello, My husband is diagnosed with FSGS, hypertension, anemia. He is currently relapsing with high amounts of protein and potassium in urine. His doc...more>>

How Can I Reduce Creatinine 8.6 and Urea 124 with FSGS

I am diagnosed with FSGS. My creatinine is 8.6 and blood urea is 124. How can I reduce them? If you have the similar medical condition, the following informatio...more>>

Kidney Function 20 %, Creatinine 3.08, Glycose 138 with FSGS: How to Improve it

Question: I have FSGS. My kidney function is down to 20 %. My age is 78 years old. My creatinine level is 3.08, my glycose is 138. Please kindly suggest. Answer...more>>

Can Damaged Kidneys Repair Themselves for FSGS Patients

FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) is a kind of kidney disease that can lead to the damage of blood-filtering part of the kidney called the glomeruli. Ca...more>>

Is Stem Cell Treatment Helpful in Curing FSGS

Question: I am suffering from FSGS for last 13 years. I take medicines but no improvement in fact in last two years S.Creatine and uric Acid have started increa...more>>