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What Can I Do to Reverse FSGS

FSGS can be reversed if you find this disease in the early stage and receive treatment aggressively. But what can I do to reverse FSGS? Do you want to know the...more>>

Does Prednisone Have Healing Effect for FSGS Patients

For FSGS patients, they are no stranger to prednisone. But how much knowledge do you have about such a kind of medication? Does prednisone have healing effect f...more>>

What to Do if Steroid Therapy Has No Effect on FSGS Patients

Question : By searching through internet, I found your website. Hoping be able to help me. From 5 years ago, I suffered FSGS and have taken steroid therapy. My...more>>

Will FSGS Be Completely Cured After Kidney Transplantation

Dialysis just takes over part of kidney function to filter waste from the body, while kidney transplant takes over all kidney function, including filtration, se...more>>

What Should I Do with GFF 21 and FSGS

GFR is the indicator of kidney function. When your GFR is 21, it means you are in stage 4. If attention is not paid to the treatment, kidney failure will be ava...more>>

Is There Anything Can Be Done to Get Kidney Function Back with FSGS

With FSGS, your glomeruli may keep scarring so that kidney function declines. If you do not prevent it from impairing in time, you may have to take dialysis or...more>>

Is It Possible to Recover Kidney Function with FSGS and CKD Stage 5

FSGS is a kind of chronic kidney disease. Without prompt and effective treatment, it will develop to stage 5, in which you may have to do dialysis or transplant...more>>

How to Prevent FSGS from Developing to Nephrotic Syndrome

With FSGS, some of the glomeruli are sclerotic. As a result, protein which should be retained in the blood vessels leak out. When protein leakage is more than 3...more>>

Should You Have Another Kidney Transplant with FSGS

The kidney you transplant can only survive for several years. It is said that a living donor kidney functions, on average, 12 to 20 years, and a deceased donor...more>>

Breakthrough Treatment Options for FSGS Patients

In the early stage of FSGS, western medicine is often used to control the symptoms, such as proteinuria, edema and high blood pressure. When FSGS develops to en...more>>

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Reverse Kidney Failure in FSGS

Without prompt and effective treatment, FSGS may develop to kidney failure. The routine treatment can only help you control symptoms rather than repair the dama...more>>

Is There Any Hope to Get FSGS Cured

Is there any hope to get FSGS cured? Almost all FSGS patients can not help asking such a question. FSGS is a very severe disease, with which some of the glomeru...more>>

Can I Avoid ESRD with FSGS

Without effective and prompt treatment, FSGS will gradually develop to end stage renal failure (ESRD), in which you may have to do dialysis or wait for kidney t...more>>

Creatinine 431, Proteinuria ++++, Blood Urine with FSGS: What Should I Do

Question : I have been diagnosed on FSGS since 2005. My creatinine goes up today to 431 from 377 last week. Protein in urine is ++++ and there is blood detected...more>>

What to do with Nephrotic Syndrome Caused by FSGS

For FSGS patients, some of their glomeruli are sclerotic, which loses their ability to filter waste and retain the useful substances in the body. And then massi...more>>

Is It Possible for FSGS Patients with Creatinine 5.83 to Avoid Dialysis

When creatinine is more than 5, dialysis should be taken into consideration to filter waste from the blood. Is it possible for FSGS patients with creatinine 5.8...more>>

How to Get Rid of FSGS

FSGS is a disease in which some of the glomeruli are scarred and you may have to bear various symptoms, such as edema, proteinuria and high blood pressure. And...more>>

How to Lower Creatinine 3.6 with Diet for FSGS Patients

Creatinine is a chemical waste product filtered from the blood through the kidneys. For healthy people, their kidneys can keep the creatinine in the normal rang...more>>

What Should I Do to Take Care of My Kidneys with FSGS

Question : Hi, I am a FSGS patient. My creatinine is 3.87, protein in urine is 2.9, blood pressure and cholesterol level is good to control with medications and...more>>

Alternative Treatment for FSGS

Question: I have FSGS, but my creatinine level is normal. I get a lot of water retention though and always spill protein above average. Since finding out it was...more>>

Can FSGS Lead to Kidney Failure

With FSGS, the scarring occurs only in some of your glomeruli. As we all know, glomeruli are tiny blood vessels involved in filtering blood to form urine. When...more>>

Treatment for FSGS Patients with GFR 50

In different stages of kidney disease, there are different treatment plans. GFR 50 means your kidney disease is in stage 3. What is the treatment for FSGS patie...more>>

Are There Any Natural Therapies for FSGS

Recently we receive an email from a FSGS patients. He said: I have been diagnosed with FSGS and I am being treated with Prednisone. I am having lot of side effe...more>>

Treatment for FSGS Without Kidney Transplant

When your FSGS develops to the end stage, the damaged kidneys can not function well to keep your body function normally. And then kidney replacement treatment i...more>>

eGFR 43 with FSGS: Is It Dangerous

Question: I have been diagnosed with FSGS 15 years ago, and I did a test yesterday. My eGFR is 43, according to the report, it is a stage 3 CKD. Is it dangerous...more>>