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How Long Can You Take Prednisone for FSGS

For FSGS patients, they may not be stranger to prednisone. Prednisone is often prescribed to inhibit kidney inflammation and reduce protein leakage. How long ca...more>>

Dialysis Because of FSGS: Is It Possible to Improve Kidney Function

I am on dialysis because of FSGS, is it possible to improve kidney function now? Without effective treatment, FSGS may make your kidneys fail to work and then d...more>>

Is It Fatal with Only 22 % Kidney Function for FSGS Patients

Question : My friend has found out that he has FSGS. Kidney function has declined 60 % in 3 months. Now he has 22 % kidney function. Doctors said he would be on...more>>

Can FSGS Patients with Creatinine 7.5 Avoid Dialysis

When the concentration of waste products in your body is very high, you will have many body malaise and then you may have to do dialysis to cleanse your blood t...more>>

Holistic Treatment for Stage 4 FSGS

Steroid is the most commonly used treatment method which can bring symptoms of stage 4 FSGS under control quickly. This is very helpful, but always cause side e...more>>

Is Salvia Good for FSGS Patients

FSGS can not be cured. You may have to eat medicine to control the state of illness in the remaining years. In the long course of FSGS treatment, we had better...more>>

How to Deal with Creatinine 4.9 and Urea 76 for FSGS Patients

Healthy kidneys are able to remove waste products from the blood. When your kidneys are scarred, this function will be impaired and then waste builds up in the...more>>

What Dose of Astragalus Should One Take if They Have Stage 4 FSGS

Astragalus, also known as huang qi, is a kind of Chinese herb, which is often used to treat kidney disease. What dose of astragalus should one take if they have...more>>

Cyclosporine for Recurrent FSGS

Question : My son has FSGS. Since he was 2, now 7. It has been controlled with cyclosporine. Recently doctors tried him with cellcept, which didnt work, he had...more>>

Natural Treatment for FSGS Patients to Avoid Dialysis

FSGS scars some of your glomeruli so that protein kept in the plasma leaks into the urine. Those scarred tissues can not be brought back to life. If you do not...more>>

Do FSGS Patients Have to Receive Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is recommended to you when your kidneys fail to work. FSGS can not be cured. That is to say, it will develop to kidney failure at last. Do FSG...more>>

How to Treat FSGS without Hormone

How to treat FSGS without hormone? Untreated FSGS will run to kidney failure and cause a series of life-threatening complications like heart failure, so tight c...more>>

What Should I Do with Creatinine 5.9 and FSGS

I am diagnosed with FSGS. Now my creatinine level is 5.9. It seems my doctor is just waiting for kidney failure. What should I do? Many kidney patients may have...more>>

Natural Cure for FSGS

FSGS is a disease in which scar tissue develops on some of your glomeruli. Because western medicine has many side effects if used for long-term, many patients w...more>>

Is There Any Good Medication for FSGS

FSGS is a disease that affects the kidneys filtering system causing scarring and loss of large amounts of protein in the urine. So far there is no treatment tha...more>>

What Kind of Treatment Can Help FSGS Stage 4 Patients Delay Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Question: I have FSGS. Just crossed over to stage 4 (eGFR at 25.5). What kind of treatment can I expect to control or at least delay dialysis and kidney transpl...more>>

How to Slow Down the Progression of Focal Sclerosis of the Kidney

FSGS is a kidney disease that can lead to glomerulosclerosis and the scarring occurs only in some of the glomeruli. With the scarring, the glomeruli can not wor...more>>

Is GFR 59 Bad for FSGS Patients

As we all know, GFR shows how well your kidneys are working. When GFR declines, it means your kidneys are impaired. Is GFR 59 bad for FSGS patients? GFR 59 mean...more>>

Chinese Medicine for FSGS Patients with 15% Kidney Function and Creatinine 400

Question : I suffer from FSGS less than 15% function. Creatinine 400 last check 2 weeks ago. Interested in the Chinese medicine. Please respond. Answer : From w...more>>

Treatment for Secondary FSGS due to Hypertension

FSGS is classified into primary FSGS and secondary FSGS. Secondary FSGS is associated with a multitude of conditions such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, drug abu...more>>

How Should I Manage eGFR 54 with FSGS

I am diagnosed with FSGS. I have an eGFR of 54 ml/min. How should I manage this? eGFR 54 means you are in stage 3 kidney disease. What you should do is to prote...more>>

Creatinine Level Increases Dramatically with FSGS: What Is Wrong

Question : From 5 years ago I suffer FSGS. And I have been taken steroid therapy. My creatinine decreased to normal range, but from 2 month ago it suddenly star...more>>

How to Keep Kidney Failure away from FSGS Patients

For kidney patients, their worst fears may be kidney failure, because once your kidneys fail to work, you have to live on dialysis and transplant to maintain yo...more>>

Treatment for FSGS Patients with Food

FSGS is a very severe kidney disease that can cause the sclerosis of some glomeruli. To recover from FSGS, you should not only depend on medical treatment. Diet...more>>

How Long Will the Kidneys Take to Stop Working Properly for FSGS Patients

Question : I was diagnosed with FSGS two years ago. My kidneys are still working, but how long will it take to stop working properly? Answer : AS the name impli...more>>