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Is Dialysis and Transplant the Only Option for FSGS Stage 5 Patients

Question : I am having focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and diagnosed as CKD stage 5. Doctors have said dialysis and transplant is the only option left...more>>

FSGS: Can I Get Remission with Cyclosporine

Question : I am having FSGS. I am 23 years old female. My creatinine is 0.9. Before one year my 24-hour urine protein was 4600 mg. Then after 6 months treatment...more>>

Apitherapy for FSGS

When patients are not satisfied with conventional treatment, they would like to find some alternative treatment. Now lets see one of themApitherapy for FSGS. Fo...more>>

How Creatinine Be Controlled with FSGS

Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis means scar tissue develops on the parts of glomeruli. In the early stage of FSGS, it may do nothing with creatinine level, bu...more>>

Is There Any Way to Revive the Kidneys for FSGS Patients

We can not halt FSGS from developing to kidney failure, but we can prolong the process. Is there any way to revive the kidneys for FSGS patients? Of course, the...more>>

FSGS, eGFR 15 and Creatinine 4.4: Which Homeopathic Medicine Is Good

Question : Hi, I am a FSGS patient. My eGFR is only 15 and Creatinine level is 4.4. Which homeopathic medicine is good in my condition? Answer : Focal Segmental...more>>

What Can Be Done to Help FSGS

Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis (FSGS) is a very severe kidney disease, because as long as the glomeruli scar, no treatment can save them. What can be done t...more>>

Can I Use Chinese Herb Medicine to Reverse Kidney Failure in FSGS

FSGS is incurable. In the long treatment course, patients would like to choose a natural treatment to control their disease. Chinese herb medicine has thousands...more>>

Kidney Transplant for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) makes some glomeruli scarred so as to affect their function. With the progression of FSGS, your kidney function become...more>>

How Can Blood Pollution Therapy Treat 15 Percent Kidney Function in FSGS

Blood Pollution Therapy is a characteristic treatment of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, which is often used when your kidneys fail to work normally. How...more>>

Does Ozone Treatment Work on FSGS

Ozone treatment is an alternative medicine treatment, which has been widely applied into many medical fields, such as cancer, anti-aging, heart disease, etc. It...more>>

Treatment for ESRD Caused by FSGS Without Transplant

Question : I have FSGS and I am in end stage. Is there any treatment for the disease without transplant? Answer : Transplant is a common used kidney replacement...more>>

Can Diet Cure Low Kidney Function for FSGS Patients

Diet really plays an important role in treating FSGS. Balanced diet provides your body with essential nutrients, while reducing the production of waste products...more>>

What Can Be Done to Stop the Progression of FSGS

FSGS is a kidney disorder that can scar your glomeruli. With the scarring of glomeruli, your kidneys gradually lose their function, leading to kidney failure at...more>>

Is FSGS Curable

Is FSGS curable? I am sure all the FSGS patients concern the answer, as it means too much to them. FSGS stands for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis which not...more>>

How Can I Save My Kidney Function with FSGS

I am in stage 3 FSGS. How can I save my kidney function with FSGS? I think nobody want their kidney disease to develop to end stage renal failure. In stage 3, y...more>>

Creatinine 1.3, ESR 28 and FSGS: Is This A Serious Issue

I have FSGS. Now my creatinine is 1.3 and ESR is 28. Is this a serious issue? When diagnosed with kidney disease, patients can not help worrying about their med...more>>

Can I Avoid Dialysis with Kidney Function 16% and FSGS

Can I avoid dialysis with kidney function 16 % and FSGS? When your kidney function is only 16%, you may have a lot of body malaise, such as nausea, vomiting, he...more>>

Can A FSGS Patient with Normal Kidney Function Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis takes over part of kidney function to remove waste products from the blood. But this treatment is not perfect. It helps you protect the remaining kidne...more>>

What Shall I Do with Stage 4 Kidney Disease due to FSGS

I was just diagnosed with stage 4 due to FSGS. What shall I do? Stage 4 is a turning point. Without effective treatment, it develops to end stage renal failure...more>>

Is There Any Permanent Solution of FSGS in Chinese Therapy

Question : My husband has FSGS. It relapse two time now. Hes on omnacortil 30mg daily. Is there any permanent solution of this disease in Chinese therapy? Answe...more>>

FSGS, Creatinine 3.2, Dialysis Once: Will He Be Able to Survive on Medicines

Question : My colleague is suffering from FSGS and got dialysis a week ago for about 6 times. Now the creatinine has come down from 10.6 to 3.2. If the patient...more>>

Mai Kang Composition for FSGS Patients

Mai Kang Composition is a kind of Chinese patent medicine, which is often used for kidney disease treatment. Now lets have a general look at Mai Kang Compositio...more>>

How Can I Get A Relief from FSGS

FSGS can not be cured. But with a proper treatment, you can live a normal life with FSGS. How can I get a relief from FSGS? In the following, I will introduce y...more>>

How to Reduce Creatinine 6.1 for FSGS Patients

How to reduce creatinine 6.1 for FSGS patients? As long as creatinine level increases, many people want to find a way out to lower it. In this article, lets hav...more>>