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Will I Die from IgA Nephropathy

Because some doctors do not tell patients so much knowledge about IgA Nephropathy, the patients may be scared about their state of illness. Will I die from IgA...more>>

What Factors Can Cause IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a serious kidney disease. So far many people suffer from such a kind of disease and this disease brings many troubles to the patients. To kno...more>>

How Quickly Does IgA Nephropathy Progress

I am diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy. How quickly does it progress? I think many patients have the similar doubt. Some people are able to live with IgA Nephropat...more>>

How Long Can I Live with Stage 4 IgA Nephropathy

Stage 4 IgA Nephropathy means there is severe damage to the kidneys and you may have to prepare for dialysis or kidney transplant. Therefore, many patients can...more>>

Which Stage of IgA Nephropathy Are You in

When diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, you may not have a good knowledge of such a disease, so there must be many questions for you to consult. What stage of IgA...more>>

Is IgA Nephropathy Hereditary

Question : My wife has IgA Nephropathy, could the children get it? Answer : This question has been asked by many people. But there is no definite answer. Some p...more>>

What Influences the Prognosis of IgA Nephropathy

Everyone wants to live a normal life, so do IgA Nephropathy patients. But if IgA Nephropathy can not be brought under control, you may have to live on various m...more>>

Why You Get IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy often occurs after mucosa infection, especially upper respiratory infection and then gastrointestinal tract infection and urinary tract mucosa i...more>>

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Have Children

When you get IgA Nephropathy, you have to pay attention to every aspect your life. For most people, they would like to have their own children. But for IgA Neph...more>>

What Does It Mean with IgA 4.5

IgA is a common antibody in the body, which is made by the immune system to fight bacteria, virus, and toxins. An IgA test can help doctor diagnose problems wit...more>>

Can I Live A Normal Life with IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is not only a kidney disease, but also an immune disease. Because of the abnormal immune system, IgA deposits in the kidneys, which over time ca...more>>

How Long Does An IgA Nephropathy Patient Live with Kidney Function 11%

How Long does an IgA Nephropathy patient live with kidney function 11 %? This question is difficult to answer. Because it depends on many factors, such as age,...more>>

Will IgA Nephropathy Be Passed Onto Children

Will IgA Nephropathy be passed onto children? This is a problem that all the young IgA Nephropathy patients have to face. It is really a good news for young cou...more>>

Can IgA Nephropathy Be Inherited

Can IgA Nephropathy be inherited? Many patients with IgA Nephropathy are worried about this problem. IgA Nephropathy is a disorder of autoimmunity, which means...more>>

Life Expectancy Of GFR 15 In IgA Nephropathy

In addition to the creatinine level, GFR also is considered as a common indicator to reflect how well the kidney function works in clinical treatment. GFR 15 in...more>>

Average Life Span Of IgA Nephropathy

As time flies, IgA Nephropathy can lead to very serious kidney damage which affects patients life span to a large degree. As they know a little about IgA nephro...more>>

How To Improve 25% Kidney Function In IgA Nephropathy

As time goes on, for IgA Nephropathy patients, they will face continuous declined kidney function which indicates that their kidneys are damaged gradually. Fina...more>>

How To Stop IgA Nephropathy Developing Into Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is regarded as the final consequence of most IgA Nephropathy patients, as IgA nephropathy can not be cured so far and always progresses over time...more>>

IgA Nephropathy: If You Stop Dialysis, How Long Will You Live

IgA Nephropathy: if you stop dialysis, how long will you live? Dialysis, for every patient, is life-supportive but extremely torturous. If stop it, will patient...more>>

Life Span Of IgA Nephropathy With 20% Kidney Function

What is the life span of IgA Nephropathy with 20% kidney function? As the kidney function declines, more and more IgA Nephropathy patients begin to care about s...more>>

Only 40% Kidney Function Left in IgA Nephropathy

As we all know that IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune inflammation which gets the kidneys involved. Kidney inflammation causes the tissues and cells infected and...more>>

Life Span Of People With Nephrotic Syndrome And IgA Nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is a kind of glomerulonephritis featured with antibodies ( immunoglobulin A) in kidneys. As this disease progresses, it can lead to various symp...more>>

Berger's Disease

Bergers disease is also named IgA Nephropathy, which is one of the causes of kidney failure. The kids and children are easier to catch this disease and there ar...more>>

The Development of IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is asymptomatic in the early stage. Thus, many patients dont realize it until they have obvious symptoms. If patients dont pay high attention on...more>>