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Can I Play Sports With Nephrotic Syndrome

Can I play sports with nephrotic syndrome? Nephrotic Syndrome, as we all know it is not a merely kidney disease but a group of clinical manifestations which can...more>>

Can I Eat Cauliflower As A Patient Of Nephrotic Syndrome

As we all know that for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they usually have a strict diet requirement in their daily life. They must pay attention to every food cons...more>>

What Fruits Can Benefit Nephrotic Syndrome Patients At Christmas

What fruits can benefit Nephrotic Syndrome patients at Christmas? Christmas is just around the corner, not just Christmas tree and gifts for children, people ar...more>>

Merry Christmas For Children With Nephrotic Syndrome

With the arrival of Christmas, tempted by so many delicious foods, many Nephrotic Syndrome children don’t realize the importance of controlling diet to their...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Smoke

Can Nephrotic Syndrome patients smoke? Cigarette is loved by many people, especially for adults man. As we all know that for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they u...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Eat Orange

As we all know that for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, they usually have a strict diet requirement. However, can nephrotic syndrome patients eat orange? To find t...more>>

Fish Oil And Nephrotic Syndrome In Children

What is the relationship between fish oil and Nephrotic Syndrome in children? Will fish oil be a good choice for Nephrotic syndrome patients? Compared with chil...more>>

What Kind Of Exercise For Nephrotic Syndrome Is Good

When you are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a proper and moderate exercise plan may be highly recommended to you by your doctors. Well, do you know what kin...more>>

The Best Diet For Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a condition that involves damage to the kidneys, which is characterized by proteinuria, edema ( swelling ), hyperlipidemia and hypoalbumin...more>>

Is It OK For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients To Eat Papaya

For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, a reasonable and well-planned diet plays an important role in slowing down the progression of disease and providing a relative...more>>

Diet For People With Nephrotic Syndrome And High Blood Pressure

For patients with Nephrotic Syndrome and high blood pressure, they may have such a doubt: what is the proper diet for me? Then let us have a look at the followi...more>>

Nephrotic Syndrome And Vomiting

Besides heavy proteinuria, edema (swelling), hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia, some Nephrotic Syndrome patients always accompany vomiting and nausea, especially...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Affect Sexual Life

Can Nephrotic Syndrome affect sexual life? Recently, this question is concerned by not only patients themselves, but also their partners. Dont worry, the follow...more>>

Is Watermelon Good For Nephropathy Syndrome With High Creatinine

In our daily life, have you ever heard that watermelon is good for lower high creatinine level in nephropathy syndrome? Is it true? This passage may give you th...more>>

Can Nephropathy Syndrome Patients Eat Mushrooms

It is well known that a reasonable, healthy diet plan not only plays an important role in patients body, but also is beneficial for slowing down the progression...more>>

Can Nephropathy Syndrome Patients Eat Apple

Apple is seen commonly in our daily life and it has delicious taste. Due to a variety of nutritions contained in apples, it is loved by many people, of course, ...more>>

Can Nephropathy Syndrome Have A Normal Sexual Life

Can nephropathy syndrome affect sexual life? A large number of patients concerned with this question and they are eager to know the answer immediately. Nephropa...more>>

The Dietetic Reference of Nephrotic Syndrome

Diet is an indispensable part of normal life. As to the patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, it also plays a significant role. A healthy and correct diet could hel...more>>

The Newest Diet of Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms that may indicate that your kidneys are not working right. Both children and adults can have Nephrotic ...more>>

What Fruits Can’t Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome Eat?

Nephrotic Syndrome is a chronic renal disease which needs the effective treatments and scientific diet for a long time. Fruits with abundant nutrition and vitam...more>>

The Beneficial Habits of Nephrotic Syndrome

Many people suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome which is a complicated renal disease. It could affect any ages of group. If let things drift, Nephrotic Syndrome may ...more>>

The Prevention of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

NS (Nephrotic Syndrome) is a complicated disease. It can damage the kidneys filtering system and may occur in any age of a group, especially happens in children...more>>

Nursing Care for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a complicated renal disease, which occurs in any age of group. Especially, children and teenagers are most. Patients with Nephrotic Syndro...more>>

Healthy Living in Summer for Patients with Nephrotic Syndrom

In clinic, an amount of protein in the urine and hypoproteinemia indicate Nephrotic Syndrome. If patients take the irregular treatment, protein in the urine may...more>>