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Should I Give Cholesterol Medicines to Kids with Nephrotic Syndrome

Question: Is anyone of you giving cholesterol medicines to kids as Nephrotic Syndrome leads to high levels of cholesterol in body. I am highly confused. Is it p...more>>

Is Headache A Side Effect of Prednisone for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Prednisone may be the most common used drugs for Nephrotic Syndrome patients to control proteinuria and swelling. But this kind of medication has many side effe...more>>

Can Kidney Size Be Brought Back to Normal Size for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Question: My wife is a Nephrotic syndrome patient since 2003 and everything was going on normal and the serum creatinine level was under control. Now since Janu...more>>

What Can I Eat with Nephrotic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes

Question : I am a patient of Nephrotic Syndrome Suffering from 2011. And I am also a type 2 Diabetic patient. Kindly let me know the diet. Thanks. Answer : Nowa...more>>

What Antibiotics Can Be Used by Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

When using medicine, Nephrotic Syndrome patients should attach importance, because some of them renal toxicity, which may cause further damage to the kidneys. A...more>>

Why Does Prednisone Help Nephrotic Syndrome

Prednisone is a common used medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome patients. For some patients, it really helps a lot. Why does prednisone help Nephrotic Syndrome? Now...more>>

Magnesium Supplement for Nephrotic Syndrome

With the progression of Nephrotic Syndrome, patients are often lack of calcium, magnesium, zinc and some other trace elements. As we all know, those trace eleme...more>>

Headache in Nephrotic Syndrome

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients complain that they have horrific, intense headaches. What causes headache for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? And how to relieve h...more>>

Treatment for Refractory Nephrotic Syndrome

Name : Gao Yuncai Gender : Female Symptoms : Swelling in eyelid and legs and protein in urine 3+ Diagnosis : Primary Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment before coming...more>>

How Nephrotic Syndrome Affects A Person’s Life

Nowadays more and more people get kidney disease. It does not only affect your work, but also your normal life. Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of kidney disorder which is consisted of a group of symptoms, namely proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyp...more>>

Is Creatinine 2.3 Dangerous for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Due to glomerular disorder, protein which should be retained in body leaks into urine. When urinary excretion is more than 3 g/24 h, Nephrotic Syndrome is likel...more>>

Nephrotic Syndrome: Can You Detoxify the Blood Without Dialysis

Nephrotic Syndrome is made up of a group clinical symptoms, namely swelling, proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia. As we all know, kidneys is a blood f...more>>

What Are the Dangers of Retaining Excessive Fluid in Body During Nephrotic Syndrome

Kidney is a blood filtration organ. When the blood passes through healthy kidneys, the glomeruli filter water products and excess fluid from the blood. But with...more>>

Does Calcium Help in the Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome

Calcium is an important component of our body. It does not only provide skeletal rigidity by virtue of its phosphate salts, but also maintain the neuromuscular...more>>

Why Do People with Nephrotic Syndrome Gain A Lot of Weight

Weight gain is a common problem of Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Do you know why people with Nephrotic Syndrome gain a lot of weight? There are usually two cause...more>>

Nephrotic Syndrome with High Urea Level: Should I Take High Protein Diet or Low

Recently when I chatted with a patient, he told me: I am a Nephrotic Syndrome patient with high urea level. Should I take high protein diet or low? Protein inta...more>>

What Precautions Should You Take After Nephrotic Syndrome Is Under Control

Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is difficult. But for most patients, symptoms associated with Nephrotic Syndrome such as massive proteinuria and severe edema c...more>>

Alternative Treatment to Prednisone for Nephrotic Syndrome

When you have massive protein in urine (more than 3.5 g/24h) and plasma albumin is less than 30g/L, you are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Prednisone is one...more>>

Natural Treatment for Recurrent Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome patients may find that their disease recurs frequently. Recurrent Nephrotic Syndrome may impair your kidneys further and speed up kidney fail...more>>

Should I Consume More Protein with Nephrotic Syndrome

Protein is an important component of our body. Everyday we should supplement moderate protein to satisfy the physical need. As we all know, Nephrotic Syndrome i...more>>

Is Olive Oil Good for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome patients should pay attention to the oil intake, because some oil increase your risk of heart disease so as to threaten your life. Is olive o...more>>

What Are the Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome usually occurs when you have massive proteinuria. It does not only cause further damage to the kidneys, leading to foamy urine, swelling and...more>>

Extreme Fatigue while Taking Prednisone and Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Deal with It

Question : I have Nephrotic Syndrome. Now I am taking prednisone. I feel extreme fatigue while taking prednisone. How did you deal with it? Are there any ways t...more>>

How Do You Nurse A Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome

How do you nurse a patient with Nephrotic Syndrome? If one of your family members gets Nephrotic Syndrome, you have to know how to take care of him or her. In t...more>>

Life Expectancy for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients with 20 Percent Kidney Function

When your protein leakage is more than 3.5 g per day and plasma albumin is less than 30 g/L, Nephrotic Syndrome occurs. Without effective treatment, Nephrotic S...more>>