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Are Egg Whites Good for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Nephrotic Syndrome is usually caused by damage to the glomeruli that filter waste and excess water from your blood. With Nephrotic Syndrome, the glomeruli allow...more>>

Alternative Therapy for Steroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome

My son has Nephrotic Syndrome. He got his biopsy done and then knew he has steroid resistant MCD. Now I am looking for alternative therapy. So far steroids may...more>>

What Causes the Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome

The treatment course of Nephrotic Syndrome is a long process, during which patients have to bear the various body malaise. As long as there are no symptoms, pat...more>>

What Can I Do with Bloated Tummy and Nephrotic Syndrome

I am a Nephrotic Syndrome patient and now my tummy is bloated. What can I do? Swelling is one of the most common asked questions by Nephrotic Syndrome patients....more>>

What Is the Physical Sign of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a common kidney disease, which may threaten your life. What is the physical sign of Nephrotic Syndrome? Lets have a quick look. Less urine...more>>

Nephrotic Syndrome and Not Respond to Any Medicine: What Shall I Do

Question : My son is 17 years old and he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome associated with Minimal Change Disease. However, he does not respond to any of th...more>>

Is There Effective Treatment Option Available for Nephrotic Syndrome

Question : I am a patient of Nephrotic Syndrome (FSGS) with 2.23 gm/24 hours proteinuria with second relapse. Is there effective treatment option available with...more>>

Nutrition Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is one of the most complex disease. When your disease is not very severe, you can take advantage of nutrition therapy to control it. What is...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Passed to Unborn Child

Question : My husband is suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome. And after a few months, I discovered that I was pregnant. Can the condition be passed to my unborn c...more>>

Is Buchu the Right Herb for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Buchu is a plant, whose leaf is often used to make medicine. Is buchu the right herb for Nephrotic Syndrome patients? Now lets have a quick look. Buchu is diure...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Be Cured with Herbs

With steroid treatment, proteinuria, edema and some other symptoms can be eliminated. But this kind of treatment can not cure Nephrotic Syndrome and the patient...more>>

Must He Consume Steroid with Nephrotic Syndrome

Question : My child was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. He is only 5 years old. Must he consume the medicine as I know the steroid is no good for his growth....more>>

Why Anemia Is Seen in Nephrotic Syndrome

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients complain about anemia. And with the progression of Nephrotic Syndrome, anemia becomes worse and worse. Do you know why anemia i...more>>

Can I Eat Parsley with Nephrotic Syndrome

Some people have parsley as an appetizer. Some people have parsley as a garnish. And some people have parsley as a herb. Parsley is so common in the daily that...more>>

Can I Recover from Nephrotic Syndrome Through Steroids

I have Nephrotic Syndrome. My doctors plan is to recover through steroids. Kindly suggest me some tips. Steroids are the most common used drugs for Nephrotic Sy...more>>

How Long Would It Take for Nephrotic Syndrome to Progress to Renal Failure

Nephrotic Syndrome is a condition where glomeruli become leaky so that massive protein leak from blood into urine. So far no treatment can cure Nephrotic Syndro...more>>

Can Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome Eat Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes do not only taste very delicious, but also have many benefits for your health. Can patients with Nephrotic Syndrome eat sweet potatoes? Now lets...more>>

Can Nephrotic Syndrome Children Do Sports

Can Nephrotic Syndrome children do sports? There goes a saying that life is movement. Doting exercises regularly helps you recover from the disease. But for som...more>>

Ayurveda Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of kidney disorder characterized by large amounts of proteins leaking out into the urine and some other symptoms, such as edema, hy...more>>

What Can I Do to Keep the Puffiness Down with Nephrotic Syndrome

Question : Hi we just discovered a week ago my son has Nephrotic Syndrome. I am just worried his cheeks has really puffed up. what can I do to keep the puffines...more>>

What Causes Cramps in Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome patients often complain about cramps. Cramp is very painful. If it occurs at night, it may affect your sleeping quality. What causes cramps i...more>>

Management of Pleural Effusion Caused by Nephrotic Syndrome

Pleural effusion is common in patients with Nephrotic Syndrome. This symptoms is probably the combination of decreased plasma oncotic pressure and increased hyd...more>>

What to Eat with Nephrotic Syndrome

Clinically Nephrotic Syndrome patients often have edema, proteinuria, hyperlipemia and hypoproteinemia, because of which, patients are often asked to avoid eati...more>>

How to Increase Albumin Level in the Blood for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

With Nephrotic Syndrome, the permeability of glomerular basement membrane increases so that protein leaks out of the body, resulting in proteinuria. Besides, th...more>>

What Are the Preventions for Nephrotic Syndrome

Many people know the dangers of Nephrotic Syndrome. This disease can not be cured and it relapses frequently. With the development of Nephrotic Syndrome, kidney...more>>